The Karlie Kloss–Approved Breakfast You Can Make at Home

You can thank Karlie Kloss for pioneering the new cookies-for-breakfast trend. The supermodel teamed up with Momofuku Milk Bar chef and owner Christina Tosi to make The Perfect 10, a gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free baked good that has since transformed the world of breakfast options as we know them. We think Karlie’s Kookies are totally worth the $25-a-tin price tag, but if you’re feeling more of a DIY version, read on for our favorite breakfast cookie recipes—including Kloss’s. 

Regina Braun

Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies

The secret to this recipe is using two different kinds of oats—rolled and quick. Mixed with ground flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and puree, and dried cranberries, this breakfast treat has the most satisfying texture. There is no reason you should wait until fall to make these pumpkin delights. They’re good year-round! Click here for the recipe.

Kristin Porter

Lemon Blackberry Breakfast Cookies

Like Kloss’s, these cookies are gluten- and dairy-free. The recipe calls for applesauce instead of oil, honey instead of refined sugar, and banana instead of egg for the primer. Just add fresh blackberries (or any berry of your choice) with some lemon zest and juice, and bake. The only problem with these delicious cookies is that you won’t be able to stop eating them! Click here for the recipe.

Emile Henry Rectangular Baking Stone $60

Emile Henry Rectangular Baking Stone ($60)

Chelsea Lords

No-Bake Healthy Breakfast Cookies

This is the perfect morning recipe to try if you’re beginning to wean off the sweet stuff. Made with peanut butter (we recommend Justin’s), honey, rice crisps, oats, flaxseed, vanilla drizzle, and a light drizzle of milk chocolate, these bake-free bundles aren’t in the dairy-free, gluten-free category. But they are still a great source of healthy fats and grains. Click here for the recipe.

Cuisinart Elite 12-Cup Food Processor $199

Cuisinart Elite 12-Cup Food Processor ($249)

Holly Waterfall

Healthy Coconut Breakfast Cookies

These coconut confections are full of healthy ingredients such as cinnamon, coconut, almond milk, and dark chocolate chips. All you need is a food processor (or a really strong arm) and a baking sheet. Cook for 12 to 14 minutes and feel free to dip your cookies in melted dark chocolate. Sprinkle with shredded coconut to make an extra-photogenic—and tasty—dessert for breakfast. Click here for the recipe.

Gretchen for Kumquat Blog

Blueberry Coconut Pecan Breakfast Cookies

This delicious creation is made up of everything you would throw in your oatmeal bowl, but baked into a perfect on-the-go breakfast cookie. If you make a batch before the week begins, microwave for 20 seconds before eating, and this healthy treat will be even more comforting. We love the mix of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit in this cookie dough. Click here for the recipe.

West Elm Utility Mixing Bowl Set $59

West Elm Utility Mixing Bowl Set ($59)

Anna Kemp

The Perfect 10 (Karlie’s Kookies)

This dark chocolate and almond oat cookie is absurdly delicious. Karlie’s 10-ingredient version is just as healthy and guilt-free as one fully loaded with sugar and dairy. Click here for the recipe.

Pablo Frish for Vogue

5BORO Kookies

This special edition of the Karlie’s Kookies collection is the result of collaboration between Karlie’s Kookies and FEED, Lauren Bush’s hunger-fighting nonprofit. The well-meaning cookie includes the surprising ingredient pineapple juice. Thanks to Vogue, we have the recipe, so you can enjoy the 5BORO straight out of your own oven. 

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