Inside a Fashion Blogger's Dreamy West Village Apartment

Kat Tanita is not the type to sit still. With a successful fashion blog and travel app under her belt, she's most likely jetting off to Mexico or Paris rather than hanging out at home. But any frequent flier knows the value of a well-organized and comfortable home to come back to after a long string of travels. When she first stepped foot in her two-bedroom apartment, located on the West Village's most charming block, she knew she had to make the most of the 650 square feet to accommodate her busy lifestyle and booming business. 

With little need for a guestroom and a closet bursting at the seams, Tanita decided to turn her second bedroom into a large walk-in closet and home office. She called on the help of Becca Galbraith of Becca Interiors to breathe life into the small space. With a little creativity, the duo was able to think outside the box and design a space that truly reflected the fashion blogger's style. Take the tour—Tanita's rental-approved tips may inspire your own design endeavors.