This Is What Kate Bosworth Eats for Lunch When She Needs to Be Productive

Updated 05/06/19
Silja Magg for Who What Wear

Kate Bosworth's presence is marked by her effortless approach to both beauty and style. But as the actress and fashion icon reveals in Who What Wear's Fall Issue, her approach to life is anything but. "I literally came out of the womb like Superman and was so strong-willed that the doctor delivering me assumed I was a boy," she told our co-founder, Hillary Kerr. "I've always been very determined, I'm not a very good backseat driver."

Bosworth's quiet resolve colors everything she does, including her latest ventures into executive producing and film financing. "I've had this desire to produce since I started, really, for 14 years," she adds. "I'm a very solution-oriented person and a very results-driven person, and I will not stop until I accomplish my goal. I think part of my DNA is wanting to make something as great as it can be."

Unsurprisingly, Bosworth has a go-to meal for when she needs to fuel all her creative endeavors, which include acting, producing, modeling, designing, and more. "When I want to be productive, usually it's something like [a grain bowl]—it has a good, brown rice. It's balanced. It's vegetable, good grain, lean protein," she shares. "I usually go to chicken just because it's easy."

Bosworth is also an avid cook; a passion that was partially sparked by her role as a stepmother to her husband Michael Polish's now 18-year-old daughter. "When I became a stepmother, I realized that [cooking] was like a maternal instinct," she said. "Now I have to nurture this growing person … I thought, 'I can't just keep ordering takeout like a loser. I have to step up. For her, not me.'" She has since found inspiration in Anne Burrell's Cook Like a Rock Star, which includes 125 recipes and culinary tricks of the trade.

"Her ragout is one of our favorite things to cook."

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