Inside Kate Moss's Perfectly Glamorous Master Bathroom

Updated 08/14/17

Kate Moss is many things: an iconic supermodel who defined the '90s aesthetic, the object of countless people's fascination, and, as of this month, a wallpaper designer. Moss recently collaborated with bespoke-wallpaper house de Gournay to design a dusk-inspired wallpaper for her stunning master bathroom, according to Architectural Digest.

"It's my favorite time of day," she told the magazine. "Picture a summer night when it goes silvery-blue from the light of the moon." The end result is what can only be described as "a solarized Man Ray picture," quips Moss. The silver-tinted paper features a dusky blue anemone motif interspersed with beams of silver solar light; the design will be added to de Gournay's permanent collection.

The wallpaper perfectly frames Moss's jaw-dropping bathroom, which houses a claw-foot tub at center, a mirrored fireplace at the front, an Irving Penn portrait of the model on the mantel, and a vintage James Worrall chandelier above. See inside supermodel Kate Moss's moody master bathroom for yourself:

Simon Brown and Nikolai Von Bismarck for Architectural Digest
Simon Brown and Nikolai Von Bismarck for Architectural Digest

Head over to Architectural Digest to see the full feature, and share your thoughts on Moss's space below.

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