Watch Kate Spade Give a Tour of Her NYC Apartment


Noe Dewitt/Trunk Archive

What with her eponymous clothing and accessories line and her newly expanded venture into home design, Kate Valentine (née Spade) has charmed the hearts of both fashion and home décor lovers alike. It goes without saying we’ve always been curious as to how the iconic designer chooses to decorate her own home. Which is why when we learned of an opportunity to peer into the Upper East Side apartment she shares with her husband and daughter, we were thrilled.

Valentine’s apartment is slightly more eclectic than her designs, filled with floor-to-ceiling wall art, various African sculptures, and antique cigarette boxes from her mother. One of her favorite rooms in the home is the free-flowing foyer. “It was actually one of the reasons I bought the apartment, because I love the fact that you had some breathing space when you walked in the room,” Spade says. “And we decided to fill it, obviously, with a lot of art. It’s very much like our design; it’s very much like how I dress.”

Tour Kate Spade’s apartment below, and tell us: What is your favorite Kate Spade–designed product?