What Crossfit Competitor Katrin Davidsdottir's Diet Looks Like

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If you've ever stumbled into a CrossFit gym or heard raving reviews from followers of what the intense exercise regimen entails, you know how serious these workouts are. In addition to the buzzy training routines, the fitness company also puts on something called the CrossFit games, which is pretty much exactly what you'd imagine. It's an arduous competition of physical fitness, and Katrin Davidsdottir, an Icelandic athlete, has won it twice. Needless to say "The Fittest Woman on Earth" (a title Davidsdottir earned for coming out on top at the CrossFit games) knows a thing or two about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. But what exactly does Katrin Davidsdottir's diet entail? She needs to eat enough to fuel her intense workouts, all the while still eating clean, whole foods.

Luckily for us, Davidsdottir recently spilled her diet and nutrition secrets to PopSugar, sharing that she focuses on colorful veggies and lean meats, while avoiding added sugars. "Nutrition is very important to me. It's another piece of the training routine," Davidsdottir tells PopSugar. Curious what this seriously strong woman eats in a day? This is exactly what a CrossFit star eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


For breakfast, Davidsdottir eats a scramble made with two surprising ingredients. In addition to a variety of vegetables, including slaw, cabbage, and peppers, she also adds in cinnamon and apples. She whips up the two egg white, two whole egg scramble with coconut oil. Davidsdottir also pairs this with a side of oatmeal for some healthy carbs to give her lasting energy.

Make sure to skip the sugary add-ins and opt to eat your oatmeal plain with Greek yogurt for protein and fat, or with some berries on top.

Breakfast Scramble
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If you're trying to eat clean, you can almost never go wrong with a salad, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring, or filled with a mix of bland greens and chicken breast. Davidsdottir turns to salad for lunch, including two high-protein options, and they both sound equally delicious. She'll make one with butter lettuce, edamame, and strawberries, and the other with broccoli slaw, roasted sweet potatoes, and egg whites. These keep the carb count low, and energy levels high.

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If you're going to earn the title of "the fittest woman on earth," you better like salad, because in addition to turning to it for lunch, Davidsdottir eats another filling salad for dinner. She makes sure to change it up, though, because repetition can get boring, which makes it even harder to stick to a healthy meal plan. Her dinner salad consists of sweet butter lettuce, baby kale, edamame, cherry tomatoes, avocado, yogurt ranch dressing, feta, Cajun shrimp, wild rice, and sweet potatoes. It's an ideal mix of protein, veggies, healthy carbs, and healthy fats.

Shrimp Salad
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