This Is Exactly What Fitness Guru Kayla Itsines Eats Before and After a Workout

Updated 04/02/18
Minimalist Baker

Knowing what to eat before and after a workout to properly fuel your body is a challenge in itself—which is why we turned to fitness guru Kayla Itsines's lifestyle blog once again. "Remember, if we want to fuel our bodies to perform at their absolute best, we have to eat foods that are wholesome and natural," she writes. "If you want to maximize your workout and give your body the fuel it needs, I suggest eating a pre-workout snack about 30 to 60 minutes in advance of your workout." Keep reading to see what she fills up on before working out.

Pre-Workout Snacks

Apple and Peanut Butter

"For a quick fuel-up, slice an apple of your choice and serve it with two teaspoons of all-natural peanut butter."

Fruit Cup

"Keep it simple with this sweet snack that will give you a natural sugar boost! Cut and mix berries, rock melon, banana, and orange to fill one cup."

Eggs on Toast

"If you are feeling hungrier, try this quick and filling snack that will give you a burst of energy. Hard-boil one or two eggs and serve on wholemeal toast."

Peanut Butter on Toast

"Toast some wholemeal bread and top with one tablespoon natural peanut butter and half of a sliced banana."

Post-Workout Snacks

As far as post-workout snacks go, Itsines always focuses on how you can best restore energy and rebuild the muscle you worked on during your training. "If you eat a post-workout snack, you will also minimize the temptation to binge on something unhealthy when you feel really, really hungry," she cautions. "The trick is to choose the right snacks that will give you optimum nutrients and keep you feeling full." Here's what she turns to after hitting the gym:

Banana Smoothie

"Blend one frozen banana, one tablespoon of natural peanut butter, one tablespoon of raw cacao, one cup of almond milk, one teaspoon of natural vanilla extract, and two ice cubes."

Tuna and Whole-Grain Crackers

"Munch on some tuna mixed with corn. Eat with a handful of whole-grain crackers."

Banana Sandwiches

"Slice up a banana and spread natural peanut butter on each half. Then sandwich the two slices together to make a quick snack."

Grilled Steak and Sweet Potato

"For something hearty and filling, grill a handful of lean beef strips or steak tossed in salt, pepper, and some paprika. Serve with an equal portion of steamed sweet potatoes and greens if you wish. Make sure to stick to the portion size with this one."

Eggy Delight

"Scramble two whole eggs with a handful of spinach, red onion, capsicum, and tomato."

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