This Is the Best Way to Spend 7 Minutes at the Gym, Says Kayla Itsines

Updated 04/19/17
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Chances are you've come across fitness superstar Kayla Itsines when scrolling through your Instagram feed. The 25-year-old Australian personal trainer has an outrageous 6.7 million followers, thanks to her refreshingly down-to-earth approach to fitness. A lot of Itsines's workout routines follow a simple philosophy: Exercising should be fun, and you shouldn't have to own a ton of expensive equipment or be a member at a state-of-the-art gym to get in shape.

True to her belief that exercise can be done anywhere, anytime, Itsines created a simple workout routine for Greatist that involves zero equipment. You can follow this easy workout in your bedroom, living room, or with your friends at the park. Plus, it's just seven minutes long and involves only four moves. Yes, we're running out of excuses not to exercise too.

Follow Kayla Itsines's surprisingly simple workout routine when you've got a spare seven minutes to sweat. Summer, here we come.

Start in a plank position with a flat back. Then, with your core stabilized, bend your elbows and lower your torso to the floor to do a push-up. As you lift your torso up, jump both feet toward your hands, then snap back to plank position. Repeat 10 times. 

Begin with your feet just wider than shoulder-width apart. Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then spring off the ground and reposition your feet to land in a close-squat position, with feet roughly one fist–width apart. Repeat, alternating each jump squat so that your feet are shoulder- then fist-width apart. Continue alternating for 20 repetitions. 

Lie face-up on a mat, and place your hands under your tailbone. Tense your abdominal muscles, then raise your legs off the floor until you reach a 90-degree angle. Keep your feet together, and continue to engage your core. Slowly lower your legs down until they hover above the mat, and repeat for 20 reps. 

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Take a big step back with your left foot, and bend both knees to a 90-degree angle as you plant your left toes on the floor. Ensure your weight is evenly distributed. Your front knee should be aligned with your ankle, and your back knee should hover over the mat. Transfer your weight onto the right foot, then lift your left foot and draw your knee to your chest. Lower your left leg and place it back on the mat. Repeat 12 times on that leg, then switch to the other leg.

Want more guidance? Head to Greatist to see Itsines demonstrate each move.

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