Keira Knightley's Reading Nook Is Your Winter Dream

Updated 01/18/17
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Actress Keira Knightley just sold her New York City home for a tidy sum of $6 million, but images of the sprawling two-story apartment raise some questions. Namely, why would she would ever want to leave? Located in the five-star neighborhood of TriBeCa, the three-bedroom property is bursting with personality and quirk—two words we don't often use to describe celebrity abodes.

It spans 3820 square feet—a mansion by New York City standards—and has a uniquely modern yet romantic air. Images in Elle Decor reveal a round wooden staircase that creates a tree house–like vibe, and semisheer sliding doors reminiscent of Japanese shōji.

It's clear Knightley loves reading. Almost every living space in the house has open shelves packed with books, and there's even a cozy reading room, complete with inviting throw cushions that beckon you to curl up and lose yourself in a novel.

Take a look inside Keira Knightley's recently sold home and tell us: Would you ever leave?

Keller Williams

A winding spiral staircase connects the two-story apartment. 

Keller Williams

Open shelving adorns most of the living room walls, filled with Knightley's book collection. 

Keller Williams

A cozy reading nook is one of the standout rooms. 

Keller Williams

The walls of Knightley's bedroom are covered with ethereal, romantic wallpaper. 

Keller Williams

Natural elements are consistent throughout the home, including a tree-trunk artwork in one of the guest rooms. 

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