Wisconsin State Governor Candidate Casually Breastfed Her Baby in a Campaign Ad

Updated 03/26/18
Thos Robinson / Getty Images

Democratic candidate and mother of four Kelda Roys is running for Wisconsin state governor, and she appears to be spearheading a refreshingly honest campaign. In her most recent advertisement, released earlier this week, Roys speaks candidly about her work banning the chemical BPA in plastic baby products, like bottles and sippy cups, in the state of Wisconsin. "When I was in the state assembly, I learned about BPA, which is a toxic chemical that was totally unregulated, and it was everywhere. It was in can liners and in baby bottles and sippy cups, and it gets into whatever the baby is drinking," she explains.

"This was horrifying to me; how could our government let this dangerous chemical be in all these products? We passed a bill to ban BPA, and Wisconsin was one of the very first states to sign it."

While the informational video sheds a light on an important issue, the moment where Roys begins casually breastfeeding her infant daughter on camera (without skipping a beat) definitely stole the show. Not only is her decision to breastfeed on camera a powerful statement in and of itself, but it's also refreshingly unconventional for a political advertisement, which have historically shied away from allowing women to be unapologetically female. Instead, female candidates have been told to appear more masculine in an effort to secure votes.

Roys single-handedly flips the script, all while taking care of her child and nonchalantly discussing the health hazards of BPA. See the impressive campaign video below.

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