Work and Play: Kelly Oxford's Killer Office Style

We knew we'd find a dose of humor when we stepped into the office of Kelly Oxford, author of best-selling book Everything Is Perfect When You're a Liar (paperback will be released Jan. 21), Twitter comedian, and screenwriter. But who knew it would feel so cozy? Designed with the help of interior designer Orlando Soria, who is also the Creative Director of, the humorist's "midcentury bohemian '90s pipe-smoking glitterati"-style office, as she calls it, feels remarkably like home. Naturally, we had to find out her secrets for creating a cozy home away from home.


"I tend to want to work in my pajamas, so I wanted something that would make me want to leave the house," Oxford says, "something inviting and more spectacular." Oxford's playful collection of pop-culture-inspired artwork, including a portrait of Alice in Wonderland smoking a joint and a painting of Edward Scissorhands and Pee-wee Herman playing blackjack -- both found on Etsy -- rose to the challenge. Arranged in a gallery wall, Oxford's collection makes a bold statement in the small room, and it's a focal point that's easy to recreate, no matter your style or budget.


Also vital to the homey interior is its "fun" seafoam green color, which Oxford chose strategically for its cocoon-y quality. "I actually looked up colors that inspire creative people or writers on Google, and read that aqua and blues and greens are supposed soothe you," she says.


Lighting is also key to creating a homey interior, Oxford says. The office's existing neon overhead lights aren't exactly inviting, so Oxford lit key areas with several table and floor lamps, including Arteriors Home's Elissa Floor Lamp and Jana Adjustable Floor Lamp.


"Plants and flowers make it feel like home," Oxford says. In addition to fresh flowers, Oxford's office also features succulents, air plants in a terrarium, and a small fiddle leaf tree. A palm-frond-print pillow on Oxford's worn leather armchair continues the theme.


Oxford decided to combat her guilty pleasure of working from bed by bringing a sofa into her office as a compromise. The firm platform design still allows her to lay down to write -- but there's little danger of nodding off.


A vintage record player also keeps Oxford motivated while she's working. The writer admits she's no record snob, but says, "I like the sound better, and it's nice to have to get up from my desk every once in a while to switch it. There's also that nostalgia factor, which I love." How do you decorate your office or desk? Tell us in the comments.


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