Ken Fulk Becomes Heir to a Mysterious Tocca Candle

KenFulk For more than a decade, Tocca's 007 Candle has been interior designer Ken Fulk's favorite finishing touch for his no-holds-barred spaces. With mystery and intrigue, it evokes the scent of the leathery interior of an Aston Martin and a dry martini, bringing to mind the handsome image of the likes of Sean Connery and Daniel Craig. After years of clearing their inventory, the ladylike fashion and beauty brand finally decided to retire the masculine candle in 2013 -- and guess who was the natural heir to the home fragrance? Fulk, of course. After a few Fulkan tweaks to the original recipe, the celebrated San Francisco-based designer has introduced a new-and-improved version of the sultry smoke- and leather-scented candle. Available exclusively through Ken Fulk's shop, the Ken Fulk Candle retails for $50.