Kendall Jenner's New Couch Will Blow Your Mind

Kendall Jenner is in the midst of furnishing her brand-new Hollywood mansion, but don’t expect to see the reality star turned supermodel at IKEA anytime soon. According to a recent post on her website, Jenner, 20, bought the avant-garde Boa couch courtesy of Edra, an international design company known for its boundary-pushing furniture.

Edra describes the handmade couch as a “large woven nest" and an “invitation to explore different positions lying between its pillows.” Whether the interlocking tubes make taking a midafternoon nap an awkward endeavor is yet to be seen, but as for the couch’s price tag, let’s just say it costs more than the average 20-year-old’s dorm room couch—$52,000 more.

In justifying the purchase, Jenner explained that she had come under budget in her quest to decorate her new pad. “Even though I’ve purchased a bunch of things, I’m still waiting for all of it to be delivered,” she said. “I realized I’d been really good and came in way under budget on my furniture allowance. I got super excited and bought another amazing couch.”

As for what Jenner likes about the piece, it mostly comes down to its “really groovy navy with purple shimmer,” material, and the fact that it “works perfectly in the space!” Despite the new addition, Jenner admits that she’s nowhere near done decorating her new home, which she purchased from Emily Blunt and John Krasinski for a cool $6.5 million. “I still have a long way to go,” Jenner added. “But am having so much fun along the way!"

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