4 Totally Tasty Keto Meal Ideas for Busy Weeknights

Updated 06/25/17

There's always a new way of eating out there (Whole 30, vegan, Paleo), but the meal plan of the moment happens to be the keto, or “ketogenic” diet, which relies on eating low-carb foods so your metabolism burns mainly fat instead of sugar. (This process is called ketosis). At first glance, this way of eating may seem complicated—especially when it comes to what you can and cannot eat—but with some tasty keto meal ideas on hand, you'll have no excuse not to give it try. And guess what? If you're not planning to go full-on keto, it won't hurt if you want to incorporate some of the delicious, healthy meals into your rotation.

Below, we've rounded up four of our favorite keto meal ideas that are especially perfect for busy weeknights (because we get it). Scroll through and then get cooking.

Coconut Curry Salmon With Zucchini Noodles

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The keto diet is all about harnessing the power of healthy fats, and salmon is one of the best foods to eat (especially if it’s wild). This keto meal idea debunks the myth that the ketogenic diet is bland. Alaskan salmon fillets are topped with a sauce whipped up from coconut milk and curry paste and left to marinate for at least two hours for maximum flavour (you can do this in the morning before work). Then, the salmon is baked in the oven with extra sauce and eaten atop a bed of zucchini noodles.

PS: Make sure your curry paste is keto-friendly.

8-Ingredient Zucchini Lasagna

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Minimalist Baker

Craving pasta? Then this eight-ingredient zucchini noodle lasagna with macadamia nut cheese is for you. Combine macadamia nuts, nutritional yeast (for a pop of cheesiness), basil, lemon juice, water, and olive oil in a blender until smooth—this will be your "ricotta" cheese. Alternate layers of zucchini slices, the macadamia ricotta, and your favourite marinara sauce (finish with a row of zucchini and top with sauce). Pop it in the oven for about an hour, taking the foil off with 15 minutes to go.

Make a double batch—it lasts in the freezer for up to a month.

Chicken Grilled Under a Brick with Harissa 

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Foodie Crush

This keto meal idea may seem complicated, but it’s really not. All you do is coat a butterflied chicken with a mixture of harissa, lemon, some of the juice from an orange, and a few drizzles of olive oil (the small amount of orange juice is allowed). This recipe requires you grill the chicken under aluminum foil-wrapped bricks for extra crispy skin. Serve with some grilled asparagus and you’re good to go.

Chicken Cordon Bleu With Cauliflower Alfredo

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This recipe is great for family dinner since the kids will have no idea they’re eating cauliflower alfredo instead of the real deal. Chicken breasts are stuffed with thin slices of ham and then dredged in egg and almond flour. While the chicken is baking in the oven, blend the cooked onion, boiled cauliflower, dry white wine, dijon mustard, and gluten-free Worcestershire sauce in the food processor. When creamy, pour over your finished chicken and devour.

Which keto meal idea are you craving right now? Up next: the foods a dietician eats.

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