10 Easy Keto Sheet Pan Recipes To Make When You're Time-Strapped

Keto Sheet Pan Recipes Shrimp and Ssausage

The Modern Proper

Like any structured plan, following the keto diet can be tough. Choosing to eat certain foods can change your entire life, from how your body reacts to how much time you can devote to each meal. And while we can't make any guarantees about your potential before-and-after, we can help make meal prep easier while on the keto diet. We found some recipes that can be made with a simple sheet pan, meaning that most of the cooking and cleanup happens with this one kitchen necessity. Create various platters of chicken and vegetables, opt for seafood as the main ingredient, or whip up sides that can work with whatever else you're craving.

The 10 easy keto sheet pan recipes below will give you versatility and ease.

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Spicy Cauliflower Cheese Bites

Keto Sheet Pan Recipes Spicy Cauliflower Cheese Bites

Half Baked Harvest

Eat this cauliflower recipe from Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest as an appetizer, side, or snack, since it's sure to satisfy on any occasion. Cauliflower florets are coated in hot sauce, smoked paprika, olive oil, garlic powder, and parmesan for a layered treat that becomes even more delicious when dipped in a tahini ranch sauce.

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Old Bay Shrimp and Sausage

Keto Sheet Pan Recipes Shrimp and Ssausage

The Modern Proper

This colorful, flavorful feast from Natalie Mortimer at The Modern Proper serves up a pound of fresh shrimp alongside chicken sausage with sides of verdant asparagus, shallot wedges, and enough Old Bay seasoning to go around. It serves six, but you'll definitely want to hold on to some for tomorrow.

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Steak Fajitas

Steak Fajitas Keto Sheet Pan Recipes

Joyful Healthy Eats

Krista Rollins at Joyful Healthy Eats serves up this showstopping meal—complete with thinly sliced flank steak, sliced peppers, and minced garlic—with a bright side of chimichurri sauce. You won't even miss the tortillas!

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Balsamic Salmon With Asparagus and Brussels Sprouts

Balsamic Salmon With Asparagus and Brussels Sprouts Keto Sheet Pan Recipes

Joyful Healthy Eats

Rollins also created this recipe for Joyful Healthy Eats, which tops skin-on salmon fillets with a mixture of balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, and fresh thyme. She adds brussels sprouts, asparagus, red onions, and cherry tomatoes to the sheet pan, too, though you should leave out her addition of baby potatoes and honey to make it keto.

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Sheet Pan Shrimp and Broccoli


 Feed Me Phoebe

This sheet pan recipe from Feed Me Phoebe is so delicious, it'll satisfy everyone at your table—even those not on the keto diet! Shrimp and broccoli are seasoned with avocado oil, ginger, chili flakes, and sea salt for a simple, healthy, and delicious low-carb dinner full of healthy fats and protein. Make sure you skip the honey/maple syrup to keep this keto.

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Crispy Brussels Sprouts With Goat Cheese


 A Couple Cooks

You've never had brussels quite like this before. A Couple Cooks's recipe combines the vegetable with harissa for a crispy, spicy side (or meatless main) that goes best topped with cool, creamy cheese.

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Red Curry Sheet Pan Chicken


 Feed Me Phoebe

When you're craving Thai takeout, this Feed Me Phoebe recipe is a good one to have on standby. A roasted whole chicken gets some heat from curry paste, and when combined with kale, it makes a low-carb, flavorful dinner. To keto-fy this meal, skip the sweet potatoes and maple syrup. Serve over cauliflower rice.

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Mexican Tuna Zucchini Boats

keto dinner

 Food Faith Fitness

This Food Faith Fitness recipe is a fun take on the classic zucchini boat. The vegetable is stuffed with wild-caught tuna for a gluten-free, paleo, keto-friendly dinner or lunch filled with healthy fats from avocado and avocado oil.

These boats are more filling than they seem, so two boats could serve three people.

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Sheet Pan Cuban Chicken


 Half Baked Harvest

As long as you skip the sweet potatoes, this Half Baked Harvest recipe is totally keto-approved. If Cuban flavors aren't something you're familiar with, it's a great opportunity to switch up your usual diet staples and try something a little more exotic. This one could also be served over cauliflower rice if you want a little more heft.

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Italian Chicken and Veggie Foil Packets

keto dinner

 Hello Glow

Not only is this Hello Glow recipe keto-friendly and made on a sheet pan, but everything is also baked in a foil packet, so the clean-up is even easier! Thanks to chicken, veggies, avocado oil, and cheese, you have everything you need for a low-carb, high-protein and fat dinner in one package.

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