8 Grab-And-Go Keto Snacks That Make Healthy Eating a Breeze

ketogenic snacks
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While the keto diet, and achieving ketosis (when the body burns stored fats instead of glucose), might seem confusing at first, they're actually not that difficult to unpack. Let's break it down: Basically, following a ketogenic diet means drastically reducing your carbohydrate intake while eating high-fat, protein-rich, and (obviously) low-carb foods.

Keto-approved meals aren't particularly difficult to pull off at home, but snacks are another story—and they, too, call for some prep. Grabbing an off-the-shelf quick fix that turns out to be non-keto (especially when you're just starting out) can derail your ketosis in one fell swoop.

So if you're going the keto route and you're on the hunt for some quick, healthy snacks that satisfy cravings while you're running around, you'll need to be prepared. The naturopathic doctor, Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, helped us round up eight delicious, grab-and-go keto-friendly premade snacks so you can adhere to the diet no matter where you are or what life throws at you.

Beef Jerky

A bag of dry beef jerky for a ketogenic diet.
People’s Choice Original Beef Jerky $6

This dry, salt-and-pepper jerky has the texture of "chewy steak" and is extra-lean, sugar-free, and high in protein. Zero carbs and preservatives also prove it's a tough-to-beat choice to fill you up while you're out and about.

Ice Cream

A pint of Halo Top birthday cake flavored dairy-free keto-approved ice cream.
Halo Top Birthday Cake $4

Does an ice cream that's dairy-free, low in carbs, calories, and sugar and high in protein seem like something that came to you in a dream? Newsflash: It's real. The surprisingly creamy birthday cake flavor tastes exactly as it sounds—and it's filled with sweet rainbow sprinkles, too.

Grain-Free Chips

A bag of grain-free keto-approved tortilla chips.
Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips $5

These grain-free chips mimic real tortilla chips; instead of corn, they're made with coconut flour, avocado oil, and ground chia seeds. Eat them sans dip, or serve with keto-friendly queso if you're enjoying them at home.

Kale Chips

A green bag filled with keto-friendly kale chips.
Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips $5

Grab a bag of these organic, low-carb kale chips when you haven't had the time to make them from scratch. Kale is a protein- and fiber-rich, nutrient-dense "superfood" that's low in calories and packed with potassium and vitamin K, which aid in digestion and muscle function and promote bone density, respectively.

Protein Bar

A chocolate chip cookie dough flavored keto-approved protein bar.
QuestBar 12-Pack of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars $23

Craving dessert? This bar apparently tastes just like "sneaking a spoonful of cookie dough straight from the bowl." Almonds, cocoa butter, and unsweetened chocolate blend together for a sweet treat with 21 grams of protein and zero added sugar.

Premade Guacamole

A box of four premade keto-approved cups of guacamole.
Wholly Avocado Minis $4

Avocados rank high on the list of keto-approved foods since they’re low in net carbs, have loads of fiber, and also contain heart-healthy fatty acids. Not many of us can snarf a whole tub of guac, especially when we're on the go; these smaller containers dispense just the right amount for a super-quick keto fix.

Cheese Crisps

A bag of keto diet friendly parmesan cheese crisps.
Cello 6-Pack of Whisps Parmesan Cheese Crisps $22

Just because salad has become your new BFF doesn't mean you can't also enjoy some crunchy crouton-like goodness to mix things up. Crumble these low-carb, protein-laden parmesan-cheese crisps over a keto cobb salad, float them on top of savory soups, and use them to scoop up a creamy, cauliflower curry. (They taste amazing with almost anything, really.)

Bone Broth

A single serving of chicken bone broth that helps fight the keto flu.
Osso Good Co. Organic Chicken Bone Broth 16 oz. Pouch $8

Not to scare you, but there's something called "keto flu," or "keto induction," which refers to the minor, short-term flu-like symptoms one may experience when the body adjusts to such a severe carb reduction and enters ketosis. Bone broth, which typically contains just a few grams of carbs per serving, helps prevent these symptoms while replenishing depleted stores of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. In fact, some keto dieters even swap their morning coffees for bone broth lattes to start their days off right.

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