5 Things to Talk About Today

Kevin Bacon wants male actors to "free their bacon" to counterbalance the high amount of female nudity in films and television. He's even started a new hashtag to kick off the campaign: #FreeTheBacon. The actor has called out popular series Game of Thrones and recent flick Fifty Shades of Grey for their obvious lack of male nudity, citing it "isn't fair, because male actors want to be naked too." — Mashable

Your smartphone is made up of dozens of metals, minerals, and compounds, and it's costing the earth. From graphite in the battery to the silicon of the processor, some are only there in minute amounts, such as the "very thin layer of indium tin oxide that makes your screen work as a touch screen," but each of these has to be mined from the earth and manufactured into your handset. Academics at Yale looked into possible replacements and didn't find a single one. The study is calling for more research into renewable resources and recycling alternatives to replace the existing choices that may run out in 20-30 years' time. — Tech Radar

Drivers in the city of Los Angeles are being charged 50% above the national average for gas thanks to California environmental rules. Despite the U.S. gas prices falling almost six cents a gallon this week, L.A. drivers paid 51% more, almost the highest on record, over the last four weeks. California has several environmental rules that raise the cost for local refineries, and few outside the state produce this unique blend. In other parts of the country, refinery woes don't have much impact on the cost of gas, but in California it can take weeks for "tankers to cross the oceans with gasoline that meets California's reformulated standards." — Investors Business Daily

Lobster prices have skyrocketed as the Chinese appetite grows for U.S. and Canadian prized lobsters. For the last seven months, 60,000 live North American lobsters have been wrapped in wet newspaper and Styrofoam coolers before being put onto an 18-hour flight to Asia. Since there is no lobster industry in China, the continent previously relied on Western Australian imports, but the catch down under has been shrinking. Now Chinese importers are broadening their search. Apparently Chinese importers can buy live Canadian lobsters on Alibaba.com for $6 to $10 a pound, which is much less than the $20 to $33 for Australia’s Southern rock lobsters. — Financial Post

Not keen to get married yet? Well maybe you're ready for quantum entanglement instead. A Las Vegas Hotel is testing a new type of matrimony, one that replaces the usual justice of the peace with a marriage by the "power of quantum physics." Apparently it's pretty romantic. So what is quantum entanglement? It's where "two particles remain connected in their physical state even when they're far apart. Whatever happens to one particle will instantly happen to the other." The experimental project will be held at the Life Is Beautiful Festival hosted by the Art Motel next month. — Fast Company