This Is Exactly How Khloé Kardashian Organizes Her Closet (Plus Her Go-To Hacks)

Jason Merritt /Getty Images

As any fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians can attest, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé are just as meticulously organized as they are famous. Khloé, in particular, speaks openly about her almost obsessive dedication to cleaning, organizing, and re-organizing. "[It's] no joke," she wrote on her exclusive website earlier this week. "I like to keep everything as organized as possible." Naturally, the youngest Kardashian sister has picked up a few tricks of the trade during her 30-something years of organizing. Below, read up on some of Kardashian's all-time favorite closet organization hacks:

Divide your drawers: "Drawer organizers are a lifesaver! I had these ones built in, but you can buy dividers at The Container Store too. I personally use mine for belts by rolling them up and placing them in the individual compartments."

Optimize your hanging space: "Thin velvet hangers are a total closet game-changer. They save you space and also prevent your clothes from stretching out. For pants and scarves, you can buy layered ones that fit multiple items on each hanger."

Label your jewelry: "This is by far the best organizing hack I've discovered! I found these photo bins that come with 4"x6" boxes at The Container Store and got creative by using them to store my jewelry. In each box, I put about three or four items secured in individual plastic bags."

Step inside Khloé's meticulously organized pantry for more, and share your go-to closet organization tricks below!

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