These Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables Don't Sacrifice on Style

Far gone are the days of lounging around your living room watching Netflix and indulging in hours of self-care. Your lifestyle and your living room changed drastically the day you welcomed your little one into the world. The antique Noguchi coffee table may now be best kept in storage, both for its sake and your children's, and replaced by a more practical solution.

Rounded edges are the first thing to look for in a kid-friendly coffee table, as you never know how rowdy playtime will get and will want to be mindful of sharp edges and pointy corners. Next, look for pieces with built-in storage to aid in camouflaging the considerable number of new toys and items that will be taking over your carefully curated home. Although you may be looking for these specific kid-friendly styles, you can still find a coffee table that suits your personal aesthetic. Consider these 15 kid-friendly coffee tables that are as chic as ever.