This Is How You Throw a Super-Cool Kids' Birthday Bash

While you probably don't remember your first birthday party, for many millennials, it likely included a modest cake, a few other children, the odd gift or two, and perhaps some streamers. That description couldn't be further from the birthday bash Lulu & Georgia founder Sara Sugarman threw for her daughter, Vivian. It was one of the most exquisite, carefully planned, and expertly designed children's birthday parties we've ever seen.

Aptly titled "Viva la Vivi," the themed event was inspired by the birthday girl's name and the time of year. "Since the party was in the summer, I loved the idea of an Italian Riviera theme, featuring colors like blue, white and yellow, with a touch of blush," Sara Sugarman tells MyDomaine. "Plus, it was a great excuse to enjoy Italian food (pasta is my ultimate fave), and it felt like the perfect backdrop for Vivian's first birthday."

Unlike the children's parties of yesteryear, Viva la Vivi wasn't just a kids' event. Sugarman says she wanted the event to appeal to parents, too, a growing trend, according to Jacquelyn Kazas of Beijos Events. "You want to make sure the kids have a fun time but also make sure the adults are taken care of and comfortable themselves! We really loved that it wasn't your typical first birthday party; [it was] much more chic!" she says. The venue included an ice cream cart, a live band, a giant ball pit, Negronis, Lulu & Georgia–styled lounge areas, and gifts for parents.

Get ready to pin—these gorgeous photographs from Vivian Brenner's first birthday party make for the perfect entertaining inspiration, no matter your age.