The Surprising Thing the Modern Kid Has Way Too Much Of

Just in time for the back-to-school season, CNN is reporting on a surprising new study that shows kids these days have way too much homework. The researchcompiled by The American Journal of Family Therapy and published last Wednesdayfound that students in early elementary school are getting more homework than is recommended by education leaders.

In many cases, it’s nearly three times as much homework as recommended. Generally speaking, there is a ten-minute rule for homework, where ten minutes of homework is added per grade level. First-graders should have ten minutes of homework, second-graders twenty, third-graders thirty, and so on.

However, the study, which looked at more than 1000 parents with kids in kindergarten through the twelfth grade, discovered that the majority of children in first grade had thirty minutes of homework per night. This is problematic because most 5-year-olds can’t sit still and focus on one task for that long. Parents are feeling pressure from the homework, and in homes where parents lack a college degree, dealing with homework can cause stress to the entire family.

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Do you think your kids have too much homework?