5 Cool Kids' Room Ideas that Are Anything But Childish

One thing you'll notice about a home that truly feels cohesive is that every room, from the kitchen and living room to the bathrooms and kids' spaces seem to flow together effortlessly. Although it may seem impossible to align the style of your home to the space where your kids spend a majority of their time, there are plenty of chic brands and clever design tricks that make even this tall order achievable.

Just ask Elite Decorist Designer Briana Nix. The interior design pro specializes in eclectic, mid-century, and modern styles and she knows how to bring all of these looks into a kids' room that's still playful and functional enough for a growing child. "A kids' room should be an extension of the rest of your home," Nix says. "You'll spend a lot of time in this room just like your kids will so have it be a place you enjoy hanging out in as well," she continues.

The key to designing a space that finds this kind of balance, according to Nix, is allowing your kids to be part of the process, choosing furniture that will last, finding chic ways to store away inevitable clutter, and creating a neutral canvas to work with, all the while shopping brands that don't sacrifice style for utility.

Keep reading to learn Nix's best kids' rooms ideas for creating a space that works for both you and your little one.