New Bill Could Put an End to Orca Captivity + President Obama Launches a Facebook Page

A new bill could ban "the taking, importation, and exportation of Orcas and Orca products for public display." California congressman Adam Schiff is taking on Sea World with his proposed Orca Responsibility and Care Advancement Act. The federal bill would ban the captivity of killer whales and end the park's famed Shamu show nationwide. "It would mean no more wild capture, no more breeding. We would essentially phase out the captive orcas that are currently in these water parks," said Schiff. — CNBC

President Obama has finally launched his own Facebook page, just six months after joining Twitter. Under the more casual username of "POTUS," the page is expected to be a bit more personal. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was one of the first people to comment: "Welcome to Facebook, President Obama! Excited for you to have your very own Page—and looking forward to the conversation (and the just-for-fun stuff)." — The Next Web

Victoria's Secret has announced it wants to hire fewer employees and pay them more. L Brands CEO Les Wexner announced the new "store selling initiative" saying, "My fundamental belief is that fewer, better people will do better, and that’s in our customer’s interest." This will include a potential boost in hourly pay from $8.50 to $20. — BuzzFeed

Starbucks is celebrating Veterans Day early by giving away more than just free coffee. The coffee chain will extend its "College Achievement Plan" to include an additional free college tuition to a spouse or child of all employees who are current or former members of the U.S. Armed Forces. In a statement, CEO Howard Schultz said he wanted to honor veterans and their families by “put[ting] our thanks into action and collectively help[ing] those who are making the transition from military to civilian life.” — Forbes

The Aston Martin Winter Driving School will teach you how to drive like James Bond. Aston Martin on Ice is a weekend-long program led by a group of instructors in Colorado who teach die-hard fans how to skid, slide, and spin out. Car enthusiasts can zip around the snow field in James Bond comfort for a mere $10,000, or you can opt for the single-day option at $2495. — Bloomberg

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