This Is How Much Kim Kardashian West Made in 20 Minutes From Her New Beauty Line

The Kardashian clan might seem to live a privileged A-list life, thanks to good looks and good fortune, but there's no doubt the family shares pretty extraordinary business skills, too. On top of their existing revenue streams, which include apps, clothing lines, fashion campaigns, their TV show, and multiple paid product endorsements, the eldest sister Kim has just catapulted her fortune thanks to the launch of KKW Beauty, her new cosmetic line.

It's estimated that Kardashian West made a jaw-dropping $14.4 million—in just 20 minutes. Yes, the social media sensation generated millions in about the same time it takes to drink your morning cup of coffee. 

The launch collection currently consists of four contouring and highlight kits. Each contour kit costs $48, so when Kardashian West sold all 300,000 units made in the first production round, she pocketed a tidy fortune. "We have a good model, and even from our lip kit, we have a really good general idea of what our customer is going to be like," she told WWD. "We are definitely prepared for the demand."

Turns out we should probably look to Kardashian West for tips beyond beauty.

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