Kim Kardashian Revealed Where She Loves to Shop for Furniture

Updated 02/02/18
Kim Kardashian Favourite Interior Store
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Kim Kardashian is known for a lot of things: Her extravagant birthday trips, her fashion-forward outfit choices, and, of course, the growing West crew she’s the matriarch of. But less thought about is her love (and equal talent) for interior styling. In a recent interview for Architectural Digest, Kardashian spoke about her growing obsession with decor, "I’m obsessed with decor these days. I feel like I’ve learned so much about architecture, about design, about furniture in the last, like, two years, and it’s like my passion right now." Also describing what life at home is really like with three young kids—yes, Kim admits that she too falls victim to the mess that toddlers make, "I run around the house with towels.

You do have to just take a deep breath and say, ‘Okay, it’s going to happen.’ We decided to have lighter colours."

But what surprised us the most was the online, vintage shop that she has touted as her favourite right now. The best bit? You can shop the rare finds on the Australian section of their website too. "I love to look on 1stdibs for furniture. I pulled up this picture of this Aspen house that was so beautiful and all light wood and light colours, which is kind of like what my current house is like." Shop some of our favourite vintage items below. 

1st Dibs Art Deco Marble and Onyx French Bookend $730
1st Dibs French Midcentury Sunburst Chaty Vallauris Mirror $1205
1st Dibs Vintage Dining Chairs $2156
1st Dibs Everything Is Golden Mirror No.2 $3209


Read the full interview on Architectural Digest. 

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