So This Is What a Celebrity Surrogate Actually Earns

Being a celebrity surrogate is arguably one of the most niche professions, but for a select few women trusted to bear the children of Hollywood's elite, it's a reality. In a recent article on Page Six, a number of sources explain what it's like to be a gestational surrogate for a celebrity and how much they earn.

While it's difficult to put a monetary figure on what it costs to create a Kardashian, reports suggest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's surrogate is being compensated $45,000 for carrying their child. According to TMZ, the couple's baby girl, due in January 2018, will be born via an African American surrogate with two sons.

Kardashian and West aren't the only celebrities to have children via a surrogate. Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Banks, Lucy Lium, Tyra Banks, and Nicole Kidman have all turned to surrogates to grow their families. But of course, as is often the case, they tend to get special treatment throughout the process. "Most surrogates are already extremely well-vetted, but if you're famous, your agency will give you the best of the best—and fast," says Perez Hilton, who has had two children via different surrogates.

Once they become pregnant, a Hollywood source said celebrity surrogates are treated like royalty. "I know of one famous woman who basically turned her surrogate into her little sister," she told Page Six. "She pampered her the whole way though. She found a yoga guy and a chef—and doula, obviously—and gave the surrogate carte blanche access to them. This [surrogate] was delivering her a miracle and [the star] felt … extreme love for her."

Would you ever consider becoming a gestational surrogate?