Kim Kardashian West Shares 18 Lessons She Learned Before Turning 35

We all know her as the undisputed queen of reality TV, but Kim Kardashian West is also a hugely successful businesswoman, mother, author, and fashion designer. The savvy style icon has a rare skill for self-promotion and an infatuation with selfies (or in today's case, belfies), but love her or loathe her, Kim's phenomenal business success has to be admired. Today, for her 35th birthday, Kim shares some of that profound knowledge with 35 life lessons she's learned along the way. Scroll down for 18 of our personal favorites from the list.

1. Family first. Always.

2. Mom is usually right.

3. Health is an invaluable gift; take care of yourself.

4. Always be kind to everyone, including yourself.

5. Let people know how much you care about them, because tomorrow is never promised.

6. Be generous.

7. Wake up early; get the most out of your day.

8. Family vacations are precious and you should travel whenever you can.

9. Know how to cook.

10. Never forget how blessed you are.

11. It's okay to indulge.

12. Sometimes, you just have to let North wear her Minnie Mouse outfit to bed.

13. Nothing is certain, so cherish every moment.

14. Dream big. And when you accomplish your goals, aim higher for the future.

15. Love is more than a feeling. It's a choice. Choose to be loyal to the ones you love.

16. Make time for yourself. Don't get so caught up in work that you forget to do the things you love.

17. Live life your way.

18. Be comfortable in your own skin. This comes with age, but it really is so important to love yourself before anything else.

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