Kim Kardashian's Personal Nutritionist Reveals Her Top 3 Health Secrets

Updated 03/15/17
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It's no secret that Kim Kardashian West is in great shape—the businesswoman and champion of body positivity proudly displays her healthy figure on her Instagram account regularly. Like with any celebrity, though, there's a team of health professionals behind her image—namely, in West's case, her personal nutritionist, Colette Heimowitz.

As the vice president of education and nutrition at Atkins, Heimowitz is the brains behind the star's post-baby health plan, which is a version of the Atkins diet. Here's what she recently told Elite Daily about West's approach:

"Make sure you have adequate protein (because protein keeps you satisfied [and] controls your hunger). When you pick carbohydrates, pick the highest fiber carbohydrates available and make sure you include some kind of healthy fat with the meal. If you follow those three basic rules, you'll cut back on sugar and carbohydrates, and you’ll be healthier in the long run. And that's it!"

In short, each meal should be heavy on the protein, light on the carbs (of the high-fiber variety only), and contain a healthy fat like avocado or almonds. She also adds that sugars should not exceed five grams per serving, and carbohydrates should clock in around 15 grams.

Share your thoughts on West's health plan below, and see Heimowitz's full interview over at Elite Daily.

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