Guess Who's Decorating This Iconic New York Mansion?

villard Come May 1st, The Mansion on Madison, in Manhattan's most luxurious shopping district will be swarming with interior design elite. The mansion is the new site for the 42nd annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House, a fundraising event where interior designers pick a room and showcase their design chops. Last year's show house designers included Kathryn M. Ireland, Sara Story, and Kristen McGinnis. The famed building was originally the north wing of the Villard House, built in 1884 as six private yet connected brownstones, and is now connected by a courtyard to the luxury New York Palace Hotel. The six-story, 26,190 square-foot mansion boasts a grand staircase, marble floors, 16 foot ceilings, Italian marble fireplaces, and barrel-vaulted ceilings. "The opulence of the Mansion on Madison speaks for itself. Until now, a venue of this scale is one that no show house has ever dreamt of taking on," said James Druckman, President of the Board of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, for which the Show House has raised over $17 million. The Show House will be open to the public the entire month of May and tickets go for $35. But if you ask us, seeing the work of top interior designers in person (in a New York landmark no less) seems pretty priceless. Kip's Bay Decorator Show House Take a tour of last year's Show House at Architectural Digest.