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20 Standout Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Blue cabinets

House of Chais

Cabinets are often the very foundation of a kitchen's design. They hold all the space for our necessary ingredients and utensils while keeping things organized and tucked away. But what happens when you get a little burnt out of seeing the same cabinets day in and day out?

Luckily, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to kitchen cabinet ideas. There is no limit when it comes painting or changing out the hardware—and both equally as helpful—but you can take your cabinets a step further by experimenting with wallpaper, geometric cutouts, and mixing unique color palettes.

Ahead, you'll find a plethora of ideas to frame your kitchen cabinets in a new light that you'll want to try ASAP.

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Graphic Black and White

Black and white kitchen

Jenn Pablo Studio

Black and white will forever be a winning combo. And in a kitchen, it modernizes and sharpens the atmosphere without needing to do too much with décor, which can lead to that cluttered feeling.

To break up any harsh lines your cabinets create, leave it to nothing less than a pretty pale mauve backsplash, like seen here.

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Warm Paneling

Beige kitchen cabinets

Pure Collected Living

To stylistically warm up a kitchen, lean on a paneling situation such as this one, which strays from using just white all around the room. It's subtle, but the gentle beige painted on the cupboard paneling makes this kitchen a dreamy, comforting place to cook and socialize in.

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Shades of Pink

Pink kitchen

Naked Kitchens

If a monochromatic look feels a bit dull but you gravitate towards a certain color, explore within that palette for fresh ideas. Case in point: this lovely kitchen that features different shades of pink cabinetry mirroring one another.

Keep the foundation of your selected color present in your space, but try experimenting with the tone to spice things up.

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White and Wooden

White and wood kitchen

Reena Sotropa

If you're craving some kind of contrast, this space is worth copying. The all-white cabinetry is uplifting and bright, but the addition of the deeper wood cabinets on the island ground the look and break up the kitchen in the prettiest way.

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Chic Open Shelving

Open white kitchen

Midcity Interiors

The options for open shelving may seem restrictive, but in reality, there are a lot of unique ways to approach it. If light wood floating shelves aren't your cup of tea, this sharp and eye-catching version in black will outline your space while still giving you the liberty and spaciousness that comes with open shelving.

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Mix of Styles

White and wood kitchen

Milk & Honey Life

Depending on the shape of your kitchen, you can get really creative with dimensions, styles, and storage types. In the case of this breathtaking space, there's a mix of open shelving, white cupboards, and a movable island, which make for plenty of space and style.

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Geometric Centerpiece

White kitchen

House of Chais

The semi-circle arcing over these white cabinets is a delightful addition to this kitchen. It frames the open shelving perfectly and gives a whole new look to that classic bright white, California-cool kitchen.

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Jazzy Hardware

Black and light wood kitchen

Anne Sage

When a cooking space is starting to feel a little lackluster, a glint of silver or gold is all it takes to revitalize it. Pretty pulls and knobs are the perfect way to create this extra bit of pizzazz—and extra points if you match them to your kitchen's lighting.

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Elevated Patterns

Patterned kitchen

Dan Rak Design

Patterns can come across as intimidating, especially for minimalists. But, it's totally possible to choose prints that are a touch more subdued or utilize fewer colors to give plain kitchen cabinets a little kick.

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Dreamy Terrazzo

Terrazzo kitchen


If you like the look of sleek, monochrome cabinets, sometimes it's just a matter of adjusting what's around them to really make a space pop. In this case, terrazzo takes the spotlight, allowing the kitchen to remain feeling white, airy, and bright—but still far from boring.

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Wallpaper and Open Shelving

Wallpapered shelves

Casa Watkins Living

Even open shelves can receive major personalization with no paint required. The bright wallpaper behind these wooden shelves provide a poppy focal point for the kitchen that we could spend hours staring at.

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Unexpected Color Combo

Teal and pink kitchen

Naked Kitchens

Branch out from what's expected and treat your cabinets to a unique paint treatment. Teal and pink on their own aren't often seen in cooking spaces, but together, they're definitely a rarity. The risk is worth the end result, as you'll end up with a standout appearance that gives your kitchen cabinets new life.

When choosing two standout colors for a space, choose ones that are complimentary to one another in some way. There are classic color combinations that will never steer you wrong.

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Scalloped Cabinets

Blue cabinets

House of Chais

Scalloping is normally a technique reserved for paint and wallpaper, but this kitchen takes the idea to a whole new level. Rather than stick with classic cabinet tops, opt for rounded edges to create a unique pattern across the top of your kitchen.

This particular version feels like a gorgeous spin on a modern Art Deco space mixed with farmhouse touches—just take a peek at that backsplash.

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Warm and Cool

Gray kitchen

Naked Kitchens

Warmth in a space makes it feel homey, but that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your love of cooler shades. Blend the best of both worlds—as seen in this kitchen—by combining warm wood cabinets and drawers with gray counterparts.

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Sea Green

Sea green kitchen

Sarah Fultz Interiors

No color does it better than a sea glass green when it comes to differentiating your cooking space from other minimalist kitchens. Painting a coat or two on your cabinets keeps it looking simple and fresh, yet provides a step up if your all-white kitchen is making you yawn.

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Ode to Cottagecore

Shabby chic kitchen

Marie Flanigan

Shabby chic has made an updated resurgence through cottagecore styling. Forget the cold, sterile styles out there, and embrace the nuances and cozy comforts that come with this look.

Outlined cabinets, brass hardware, and glass panels instantly transform this petite cooking space into one any English cottage occupant would be pleased with.

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Black Out

Black kitchen cabinets

Hannah Tyler Designs

All-black anything will always be statement material—especially in an unexpected room like a kitchen. Here, the black paint and hardware are a chic and edgy contrast to the white walls and silver appliances. But because it's reserved to just the cabinets, the space still feels open and fresh.

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Tropically Inspired

Blue cabinets in a kitchen

Maite Granda

It's remarkable what an ocean blue paint color can do for a space. If you're daydreaming about warm beaches and escaping to an island, project those hopes onto your cabinets. The result is a punchy kitchen that'll remind you of vacation every time you step foot in it.

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Pop of Pink

Modern kitchen

LA Designer Affair

Orange, pink, red—pick a shade in any of these colors to instantly revive a kitchen. While this space framed in brown was gorgeous to begin with, giving the island a splash of color to play against the rest of the white cabinetry was the perfect move.

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All of the Neutrals

Neutral kitchen

Alvin Wayne

You've seen all-white kitchens, all-black kitchens, cooking spaces doused in purely beige or gray, but what about a room that blends the best neutrals together? Beige, brown, gray, white, and a handful of metallics all make an appearance here, proving that maybe more is more when it comes to the quietest colors.