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21 Genius Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas You Need to Try

Mugs stored above a coffee maker

Neat Little Nest

It is no secret that your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Not only does it hold everything you need for three delicious meals a day, but it is also the centerpiece of your home design. Between entertaining friends and hosting family dinners, your kitchen is where you make endless memories—and unforgettable meals.

Whether you're an open shelving type of person or you prefer all cabinetry, your kitchen's organization system can mean the difference between a quick dinner or an evening spent rifling through cabinets looking for that one spice you know you have. Though a well-organized kitchen can feel like a tall order, there are some simple ideas that can make a big difference when it comes to organizing your cabinets.

Read on for some of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen cabinets.

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Toss the Packaging

Cabinet with containers

Mika Perry

One of the easiest ways to totally transform your cabinets is by tossing out the bulky packaging that comes with your cereal, pasta, and rice. This not only looks much better but investing in airtight containers will also keep out uninvited friends—AKA mice and pests.

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Create a Space for Cutting Boards

Open cabinets in a kitchen

Neat Little Nest

Too often, we pile flat kitchen items like cutting boards or baking sheets on top of each other, making it way too difficult to find the piece you need. Instead, install a few dividers to create a filing cabinet system for your flat items.

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Create a Spice Drawer

Spice drawer

Mika Perry

There are so many different ways to organize your spices, but we love the idea of using a drawer system instead of a cabinet or pantry. This not only allows you to see every spice you have without digging around, but it also puts them all at a comfortable height for easy grab and go while whipping up a meal.

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Invest in Lazy Susans

Cabinet with lazy susan

Mika Perry

There are few places a Lazy Susan can't help you organize. In a cabinet, a turntable is a perfect way to open up more usable space and make it easier to access all of your items. Consider purchasing a turntable for all of your spices, oils, or sauces.

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Add Baskets

Kitchen cabinet organized

Laura Cattano Organizational Design

In any room in your house, baskets are king when it comes to storage. And in your kitchen, clear bins or woven baskets are perfect for keeping smaller items grouped together.

Consider using baskets on upper shelves so you can pull everything out at once, making it easier to see exactly what's stored up high.

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Invest in Cabinet Risers

Cabinet shelves

Joanna Organize

When you splurge on a new set of dishes, the last thing you want to do is stack them so high, you risk a ceramic avalanche. A shelf riser or organizer is a great way to maximize your upper cabinetry space and avoid that unwieldy stack of plates or bowls.

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Put Rarely-Used Items Up High

Cabinet with plates and bowls

Joanna Organize

While you should definitely take advantage of every inch of cabinet space, all of your frequently used items should be the most accessible. Save those upper shelves for items you rarely use, like serving bowls or cake stands.

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Avoid Stacking Glasses

Cabinet with glassware

Joanna Organize

Though some glasses can be stacked, many fragile pieces like wine glasses should stand alone. If you have the space, dedicate enough shelving room so delicate items such as glasses can rest alone.

Though you can store glasses upside down or right-side up, storing them upside down likely keeps the inside a bit cleaner.

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Try Drawer Dividers

Drawer with coffee pods

Joanna Organize

The quickest way to ensure your kitchen cabinets are messy is by simply tossing everything inside. Instead, make your drawers go further by investing in dividers or small containers that fit neatly in your drawers.

Ensure a perfect fit by looking for adjustable dividers that can mold to the exact depth of your drawer, as seen above.

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Store Like Items Together

Organized cabinet

Neat Little Nest

A rule of thumb to follow in any space you're organizing is to pair similar items together. For example, carbs should go with carbs, cans with cans, snacks with snacks, and so on. This saves you time when looking for each item—and makes it easier to stick with a system.

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Use Custom Dividers for Utensils

Drawer with silverwear

Neat Little Nest

If you're still throwing a utensil organizer into a drawer and calling it a day, it's time to upgrade. A standard organizer won't typically fit your drawer perfectly and can move around and jumble up your utensils, so instead, look for custom dividers that you can mix and match to fit your drawer perfectly to hold everything you need.

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Install a Mini Pantry

Small thin pantry

Neat Little Nest

Though narrow cabinets may not be the best choice for plates or bowls, you can use that awkward space next to your fridge for a second pantry instead. If you're headed for a kitchen remodel, consider a slim rolling pantry in those awkward areas that aren't wide enough for a full upper cabinet.

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Store Water Bottles Neatly

Plates and bowls in a cabinet

Neat Little Nest

Some items are just awkward to store—and your water bottles or thermoses can take up way too much space and look bulky in a cabinet. Instead of standing them upright, consider a water bottle storage rack to keep them neat and organized.

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Label Everything

Cabinets with labeled bins

Breathing Room Organization + Styling

Now's the time to brush up on your handwriting—don't assume you will remember what type of cereal you bought last month or whether that jar contains jasmine or basmati rice. Instead, get used to labeling everything so you never have to guess what's inside.

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Store Items Where You Need Them

Mugs stored above a coffee maker

Neat Little Nest

When considering what each of your cabinets should store, try to dedicate space where you'll need it. For example, the cabinet nearest your coffee maker should hold mugs while the drawer closest to your prep area should hold knives or cutting boards.

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Keep Tupperware Organized

Organized cabinets with Tupperware

A Fresh Space

Admit it—you have a drawer or a cabinet chockfull of Tupperware you haven't used since last year. It's time to tackle this infamous cabinet. Invest in clear bins to keep smaller pieces together and try to organize each one by size.

If you find yourself digging around for lids, consider always storing Tupperware with its lid on.

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Organize Alphabetically

Kitchen cabinet with organized spices

A Fresh Space

For items that must be removed to fully inspect, consider creating a more elaborate system. Here, spices are stored alphabetically, so it is easier to find what you need without removing every single one.

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Install Outlets in Your Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet with wine glasses and toaster

A Fresh Space

Keep those bulky appliances off of your counter by tucking them away in a cabinet. Dedicate a larger cabinet to small appliances like a coffee machine or a toaster by installing outlets behind the doors.

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Dedicate a Drawer to the Kids

Drawer with kids plates in it

Mika Perry

Plastic cups and bowls can be bulky—and clash with the rest of your kitchenware. Instead, consider dedicating a lower drawer or cabinet to kids' dishes. Pick a space where your child can easily access when it comes time for chores, too.

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Keep Appliances in Order

Kitchen cabinet with appliances in it

A Fresh Space

Instead of tossing your kitchen gadgets in a pantry, consider dedicating an upper cabinet to those you use most often. This will make it easier to grab the item you need and keep everything at eye level.

Add a few clear bins to the shelves to store small accessories or plugs nearby.

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Consider a Beverage Cabinet

Beverage storage in a kitchen

Neat Little Nest

If you're anything like us, you probably have four beverages on your desk at any moment. Invest in can dispensers, stacking organizers, and wine holders to keep all of your favorite drinks close at hand.