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50 of the Very Best Kitchen Color Ideas

kitchen color ideas beige sage and white

michelle boudreau

The kitchen can seem like a space in the home that's most devoted to function over form. And while the function of a kitchen is important, its form shouldn't be neglected either. Form in the kitchen can be celebrated in many ways, but one of the most striking is through color. So, if you're ready to add color to your kitchen, keep reading—we've got 50 of our favorite kitchen color ideas waiting for you.

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Navy Blue

kitchen color ideas navy blue and black

becca interiors

Sophisticated and rich, navy blue adds a color palette of history and style to any kitchen. Pair it with black accents to continue the moody look, or add white-washed walls or upper cabinets to contrast against the dark color.

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Blue and Gold

kitchen color ideas blue and gold

house sprucing

Metallic accents give your kitchen a luxe look and pair well with nearly any color. Try blue and gold for kitchen color that's still rooted in the classics but has a bit of glamour too.

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Blue, Gold, and Black Marble

kitchen color ideas blue gold and marble

rikki snyder

Blue and gold can give kitchens a welcoming and vintage look. But when marble is thrown into the mix, the kitchen becomes incredibly elegant too. Create this color combo in your own kitchen with blue cabinetry or backsplash, gold accents and a marble countertop or cutting board.

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kitchen color ideas periwinkle

naked kitchens

Periwinkle is a color that doesn't receive a whole lot of love in today's color palettes. However, its pastel tones are a great reminder of yesterday's color, as periwinkle brings a sweet vintage touch to wherever it's placed. Add it to the kitchen for a pop of pastel.

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Blue, Gray, and Black

kitchen color ideas gray blue and black

mindy gayer

Adding bright color to your kitchen may not be your thing—and that's okay. For a more measured take on color, try using a shade with gray tones in it, like a gray-blue. Then, pair this with black accents to anchor it and give your kitchen a sophisticated look.

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Monochrome Gray

kitchen color ideas monochrome blue

naked kitchens

If you really love one color, try giving your kitchen the monochrome treatment! Shades of gray in the kitchen give it a decadent and vibrant look, and you don't need to worry about what color to pair it with, as the answer is right in front of you—another shade of gray.

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Dark Teal

kitchen color ideas dark teal

studio peake designs

There's no doubt about it—bold colors are having a comeback in the kitchen. Deep and vibrant hues like blue and green add personality and character to your kitchen like little else. Deep teal gives off a rich retro look—perfect for a kitchen that prioritizes style.

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Teal and Pink

kitchen color ideas teal and pink

naked kitchens

Another extra-fun color combo can be found in teal and pink. Though these may seem to be both an unlikely pairing and an unlikely duo for the kitchen, these perfectly-pastel picks add plenty of lush charm to any space, including the kitchen.

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Teal and Black

kitchen color ideas teal and black

cathie hong interiors

We've already established that teal in the kitchen is a winner. But if you're looking to make it more modern (or tone down its teal-ness), consider adding black cabinet hardware or lighting.

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Mint and Cream

kitchen color ideas mint and cream

becca interiors

The kitchen can be a messy place, and one of the best ways to combat that cluttered look is through color. Clean and crisp colors, like mint and cream, add a feeling of peace and cleanliness, no matter the state of your dirty dish pile.

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Mint and White

kitchen color ideas mint and white

michelle berwick design

Mint and white offers a similar look to mint and cream, but a little bit crisper and more modern. The bright white adds a put-together grown-up touch to the kitchen, while the smooth mint adds the perfect dose of playfulness and fun.

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Mint and Gray

kitchen color ideas mint and gray

emily henderson design

Mint seems to have an endless amount of fantastic color pairings, and one of those is gray. Gray adds an earthy and natural look to perky mint, and tones it down to give it a more sophisticated look.

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Green and Walnut

kitchen color ideas green and brown

naked kitchens

Looking to create a kitchen that's awash in earth tones? Try pairing green with walnut. This calming color combo gives off a tree canopy feel, while still looking stylish and simple in the kitchen.

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Green and Yellow

kitchen color ideas green and yellow

jessica nelson design

Yellow touches in a green kitchen continue the space's theme of warm colors, and they boost the color scheme's cozy feel.

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kitchen color ideas jade

rikki snyder

Rich and vibrant jade is a great statement color in kitchens. It can be added in small doses, through appliances or accessories, or it can be used on a larger scale too, with jade cabinetry or backsplash.

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Green and Oak

kitchen color ideas wood and green

afro bohemian living

Natural elements, like wood or stone, pair beautifully with plenty of colors in the kitchen. One great example of this combo is green and oak-colored wood. Together, the two create a kitchen that looks just at home outdoors as it does indoors.

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Monochrome Green

kitchen color ideas monochrome green

amy bartlam

Just as monochrome gray looks great, so does monochrome green. Use multiple shades of green in your kitchen for a color palette that's cohesive, minimalist and a whole lot of fun.

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Green and Gold

kitchen color ideas green and gold

naked kitchens

Looking to add a modern and grounded look to your all-green kitchen? Try adding a bit of gold. Gold accents, like hardware, lighting, or furniture, provide a clean and modern look to a kitchen, and can help provide a more neutral base for an extra-vibrant color like green to really pop off of.

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kitchen color ideas pink

dazey den

Your kitchen can be any color you can dream of, including a playful bright pink. Pair these pops of pink with deep green for a vibrant contrast.

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Neon Pink and Blue

kitchen color ideas neon pink and blue

dekay and tate

Want to add neon pink to your kitchen? Go for it. If you're struggling to work it in, try looking for furniture in neon pink that can be used to bring the color in.

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kitchen color ideas red

jenn pablo studio

Few colors make statements as much as red does. It may seem like an unexpected pick for the kitchen, but that's what makes it a great one. Pair with a cooler color, like blue, to tone it down, or let it stand all on its own.

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Red and Black

kitchen color ideas red and black

jessica nelson design

Adding red to the kitchen can feel like quite a feat, but it can feel less scary when black is added alongside it. Black doesn't detract from the oomph of red, but it adds a grounding contrasting element instead.

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Red and Teal

kitchen color ideas red and teal

naked kitchens

Don't be afraid to have plenty of fun with color in your kitchen. After all, it's not a space that should be all work and no play. Add a few bright colors, like red and teal, to create a vibrant and engaging space.

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kitchen color ideas purple

naked kitchens

Kitchen colors can be more than the usual neutrals, greens and blues—they can be filled with out-of-the-ordinary colors too, like purple! If vibrant purple feels like a little too much for your space, try adding a purple-blue instead.

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Purple and Cream

kitchen color ideas purple and cream

jessica nelson design

Purple in the kitchen is an unusual pick, but that doesn't stop it from being a great one. Pair this pastel with a creamy beige for a dreamy kitchen look.

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Orange and Yellow

kitchen color ideas orange

dazey den

If your kitchen is awash in shadows all day long (or you just want to amplify your existing sunlight), why not create some sunshine of your own with color? Bright oranges and yellows provide a glittering color palette for your kitchen, and create a truly unique kitchen look at that.

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Burnt Yellow

kitchen color ideas black white and burnt yellow

naked kitchens

Kitchen colors can also provide a sense of place. Light blues remind us of sunny skies, while deep greens transports us to a dense forest. Burnt yellow, however, takes us away to some place warmer—the vast and open desert. Add burnt yellow to your kitchen for a sunny, southwestern look.

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kitchen color ideas beige

lucky plot 13

Want your kitchen to look a little more cottagecore? Try painting it beige. Beige kitchens may seem boring, but they're anything but. When paired with modern finishes and stylish accessories, a beige kitchen feels cozy and inviting—perfect for some late-night comfort food cooking.

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Dark Beige

kitchen color ideas dark beige

liljencrantz design

Dark beige may feel like a relic of the early aughts, but when done well, it can be a truly phenomenal color in the kitchen. To make this color work, use it alongside or in ultra-modern cabinetry, clean lines, and glass or black accents.

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Beige and Blue

kitchen color ideas beige and blue

emily henderson design

For a kitchen that's calming and playful, try combining blue and beige. This unexpected combo is a great addition to a family kitchen, as it feels put-together while still being a little fun too.

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Beige, Sage, and White

kitchen color ideas beige sage and white

michelle boudreau

Get your color inspiration straight out of the 1970s with beige, sage and white. This throwback combo adds plenty of style without feeling too busy or distracting.

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Try Primary Colors

kitchen color ideas primary colors

rikki snyder

For an extra colorful look, add a mix of primary colors to your kitchen. This can be done by painting different cabinets different colors, mixing up accessory colors, or by adding a multi-colored wallpaper.

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Beige and Yellow

kitchen color ideas beige and yellow

jenn pablo studio

Yellow brings a springtime touch into the kitchen, while beige provides plenty of dreamy neutral feelings. The two can be combined through a multi-colored backsplash, or by adding in accessories in the two colors.

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kitchen color ideas black

rikki snyder

For a kitchen that makes a statement, try black. Black cabinetry and countertops make a space that feels elegant and mysterious like little else. However, if you're not ready to go all-black, try pairing it with white upper cabinets or backsplash.

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Black and Gold

kitchen color ideas black

reena sotropa

The all-black kitchen is already a stunner, but it's made all the more so with addition of gold accents. The gold adds a luxe look to the elegant color combo.

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Marbled Beige and Gray

kitchen color ideas marbled beige and gray

mary patton

To add a stunning palette of neutrals to your kitchen in a unique way, look for marbled stone or wallpaper in those colors. It can be installed along the length of the wall to create the statement color focal point for the space.

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Black, White, and Gray

kitchen color ideas black white and gray

blue copper design

Mixing neutrals can create a stylish kitchen color combo, rather than a boring one. The key is to use interesting textures and patterns within those colors to keep it from feeling uninspired or dull.

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Black, White, and Blue

kitchen color ideas black white and blue

naked kitchens

Using a black and white base in the kitchen makes it easy to add (or subtract) brighter colors according to your likes or trends. Thanks to its classic and neutral base, nearly any color will work in a black and white kitchen, from bright pink to calming blue.

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Brown and Beige

kitchen color ideas brown and beige

rikki snyder

If your vibe is earth tones all day long, then a brown and beige kitchen is the one for you. Far from boring, brown and beige kitchens embrace the simple beauty of neutral colors to create a space that's relaxing and engaging.

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Brown, Teal, and Blue

kitchen color ideas brown teal and blue

cathie hong interiors

For a sophisticated, yet colorful look, try combining brown, teal, and blue in the kitchen. Brown anchors the kitchen, while teal provides some calming accents and blue a pop of color.

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Brown and Stone

kitchen color ideas brown and stone

rikki snyder

For a kitchen that feels straight out of old-world Tuscany, add lots of browns and stone colors to your kitchen. Or, even better, use actual stones. This rustic and historic look will give your kitchen a unique twist.

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kitchen color ideas white

reena sotropa

White is a classic kitchen color, and for good reason. It's clean, crisp, and calming—the perfect antidote to a space that can often feel cluttered and chaotic.

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White and Oak

kitchen color ideas white and wood

emily henderson design

White kitchens with oak accents are a timeless pairing. They give your kitchen a farmhouse look, and they're a great pick if you're looking to create a space that feels down to earth and accessible.

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White and Gold

kitchen color ideas white and gold

cathie hong interiors

To give your all-white kitchen a dash of something special, try adding gold accents. This can be done through cabinet hardware and lighting, or through more flexible add-ins like vases or flatware.

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White and Green

kitchen color ideas white and green

cathie hong interiors

For a kitchen that's calming above all else, add white and green to your space. White declutters and simplifies, while green creates the feeling of a warm welcome.

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Gray and Gold

kitchen color ideas gray and gold

reena sotropa

To add some sparkle to an all-gray kitchen, try adding some gold. This can be done with furniture, cabinet hardware, or even a backsplash.

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Gray and Walnut

kitchen color ideas gray and walnut

reena sotropa

Richly colored walnut pairs well with dark gray in the kitchen, creating a space that feels high-end and sophisticated.

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Gray and White

kitchen color ideas dark gray and white

michelle berwick design

Want a color combo that will blend in and stand the test of time? Try gray and white. These subtle color picks add class and elegance to your kitchen without adding too much visual distraction. The color palette is ideal for kitchens in a rental or a small kitchen in a mother-in-law suite.

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Gray and Light Blue

kitchen color ideas gray with blue

rikki snyder

If you like the look of an all-gray kitchen, but you want to add a pop of color, try adding some light blue accents. This can be done by using light blue hardware or linens, or by painting trim in the kitchen light blue.

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Gray and Oak

kitchen color ideas beige and wood

naked kitchens

Wood in the kitchen provides character and sense of going back-to-the-basics. Pair with an earthy gray for a kitchen that's pleasingly neutral while still looking stylish and stunning.