This Simple Update Will Have the Most Impact on Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the epicenter of the home—where family and friends gather, where we kick off our days and come together in the evenings, and where we nourish both the body and the soul. You want your kitchen to embody the energy that flows throughout your home, and how it's designed impacts your environment. While overhauling cabinetry and installing new appliances can switch up the look and feel of your kitchen, a simple change in color scheme can completely transform the space. Kitchen color schemes set the tone for the heart of the home and influence the rest of your house or apartment. Find a color scheme that resonates with you and your lifestyle, and peruse the following Pinterest finds to determine the kitchen color scheme that's best suited to your style.

Gray, Black, and Natural Wood

When cabinets are constructed with a sleek, modern design, a natural wood finish can prove to be an exceptional statement. Pair with black and a palette of deep grays for a neutral, sophisticated result that will stand the test of time.

Black and White

If you're afraid to commit to a bolder color scheme, sticking to black and white can be just as impactful. Choose quality materials and a streamlined design to let the elements speak for themselves, and bring color into the kitchen by way of décor, plants, or a chic rug.

Navy and Gray

For something a bit more statement-making, bring in a classic color like navy, and execute a color-blocking effect. Offsetting the look with a neutral like gray balances the bold effect of the color while not competing with its striking quality.

All White

There are few things more pleasing than a bright white kitchen. While it may be playing it safe, sticking to an entirely white palette for your kitchen can be just as daring and certainly never fails to make a statement.

Black and Natural Wood

As beautiful as bright white kitchens are, a black kitchen can be just as lovely. Don't shy away from darker colors in the kitchen, especially if you pair it with a natural wood to bring out lightness and dimension.


Metallics are a brilliant way to make a statement in the kitchen without going big with color. Bringing in silver with tiles can add a gorgeous finish that plays with light and complements surrounding appliances. Balance with wrought iron finishes for other elements like light fixtures and faucets.

Light Blue, Black, and White

There is something wonderfully retro about bringing pastels into the kitchen, especially in bold ways through cabinetry or full walls. A light shade of blue is nostalgic but also timeless, especially when carefully paired with more traditional kitchen finishes like molded cabinets and subway tiles.

Copper and Black

Few color pairings are as striking as copper and black. Copper is a gorgeous way to make a statement in the kitchen, whether you commit to copper cooking accessories, cabinet knobs and handles, or a full wall of copper subway tiles. Pairing with black balances the bright sheen of the copper.

Slate Blue and White

A shade of slate can be a lovely way to bring in a touch of color without overpowering the space. Go bluer if you want to make a statement, or lean grayer if you want to keep the environment cool and neutral.

White and Natural Wood

Natural wood is a finish that will never go out of style. Pairing it with white cabinetry balances the warmth of the wood and allows countertops or the kitchen island to be the star of the show.

Emerald and White

For those looking for a bit more color, a deep emerald is a beautiful way to go bold without veering too far from classic. Use the color as an accent, such as with marble countertops or painted windowpanes.

Gray and White

A rich gray tone accented by white can be an impactful way to style a kitchen and serves as the perfect backdrop to adding pops and splashes of color with plants and baskets of fruit.

Beige, White, and Natural Wood

If you love natural wood finishes but want something a tad more impactful, add other natural materials such as straw, and mix up some of the surfaces like marble countertops with a complementing shade of beige.

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