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PSA: Interior Designers Are Retiring These Kitchen Color Trends

Warm white paint kitchen ideas
Zeke Ruelas ; DESIGN: Orlando Soria for Homepolish

It's true, the all-white kitchen trend is still crazy-popular—and this stunning kitchen renovation is proof the timeless look isn't going anywhere anytime soon. That said, kitchens like this one featuring pewter green cabinets designed by Emily Henderson and this one boasting a striking marble backsplash designed by Natalie Myers make us want to embrace more daring color choices in the kitchen. But considering the fact that a renovation is a costly undertaking, we certainly don't want to commit to a hue that won't last.

To gain intel on up-and-coming kitchen trends, we consulted the experts at Homepolish, a premium interior design service that connects customers with interior designers from across the country. Ahead, Homepolish designers Amy Courtney and Olivia Stutz weigh in on the fading kitchen fads to steer clear of—and reveal the ones to try instead.

Meet the Expert

Amy Courtney holds a degree in Interior Design and Interior Architecture from The International Academy of Design in Montreal, QC. She has over 12 years of experience working on interiors/renovation with several large design and architecture firms in the NY, NJ, CT area.

Meet the Expert

Olivia Stutz is the principal and founder of Olivia Stutz Design. Stutz works in and around New York City and has been featured in Architectural Digest.

From marble backsplashes to green cabinetry, these are the kitchen color trends you can expect to see more of, according to interior designers.

a kitchen with marble countertops and splashback
Seth Caplan ; DESIGN: Tali Roth for Homepolish

Trend to Retire: Colorful Tile Backsplashes

"They're too playful in my opinion, aren't timeless," confesses Homepolish designer Amy Courtney. "I prefer a more neutral 'from the earth' palate."

Trend to Try: Marble Backsplashes

"Marble can really add personality to your kitchen," says the designer. "Sourcing stone is fun, too—there are so many beautiful options out there to choose from making it a very versatile material.

a kitchen with warm white paint
Zeke Ruelas ; DESIGN: Orlando Soria for Homepolish

Trend to Retire: Cool Gray (Especially in a Lacquer Finish)

"Cool tones are finally out," observes Courtney. "I love a mix of cool and warm, but cool on its own is too much."

Trend to Try: Warm Tones (in Satin or Matte Finishes)

"Warmer tones and satin/matte paint finishes are my go-to for kitchen cabinets right now," divulges the designer. "Warmer tones feel rich and welcoming and a silky satin finish is just heaven. Additionally, this finish is easier to maintain and keep clean."

a kitchen with dark green cabinets
Genevieve Garruppo ; DESIGN: Plain English UK

Trend to Retire: Two-Toned Cabinetry

"There's too much room for error here and can make the kitchen look disorganized," explains Homepolish designer Olivia Stutz. "For example, painting the upper cabinets a light blue, where the bottom cabinets are a navy blue just isn't going to stand the test of time or be a solid look for the future."

Trend to Try: Green Cabinetry

"I am loving the color green for kitchens," offers the interior designer. "This look especially looks great with walnut wood accents and leather or bronze hardware/pulls. Dark, stormy green is a great way to add personality, nature, and tranquility to your kitchen space, without it being too overbearing. In all, the color green can be equally dramatic and luxurious when used in a kitchen."

an all-white kitchen
Daniel Wang ; DESIGN: Olivia Stutz

Trend to Retire: Bright Appliances

"I encourage my clients to stay away from this option," Stutz tells MyDomaine. "What if you want to re-do your kitchen five years from now by re-painting and putting on new hardware but keeping all the appliances? It's easier to redesign a space when all the appliances match. In addition, you just may get sick of an orange stove-top, and that's an expensive mistake as stoves are supposed to last you many years!"

Trend to Try: Mixing Metals

"This is a fun way to give the kitchen more dimension," says the designer. "It's important to not go overboard on this style and only choose about two or three different finishes. I particularly love pairing brass hardware with chrome appliances in the kitchen space."