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15 Kitchen Curtain Ideas That Will Elevate Your Cooking Space

kitchen curtains


Is it just us, or do kitchen windows often go bare, just totally undecorated, and in some ways, neglected? It seems we dress every window in our homes with precision and style, but when it comes to the space we spend arguably the most time in, we let those windows go untouched for years on end.

Don't spend another day washing dishes, cooking your favorite meals, or enjoying your morning coffee in front of bare (or shall we say, boring?) windows. From modern takes on the traditional valance to additional silhouettes and fabric choices, scroll through for 15 kitchen curtain ideas that define our favorite space in your home.

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Hang a Lace-Trimmed Valance

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Perfect for a cottage-style home, shabby-chic hideout, or rustic cabin in the woods, the lace-trimmed curtain brings a certain romantic whimsy to any space. This white valance style with draped sides completely transforms your kitchen, acting as a frame around your undressed window, making it feel more lived-in and cozy.

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Add Floaty Balloon Curtains

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The balloon curtain isn't the most popular of window dressing silhouettes, but its sweet design makes it a shoo-in for cottage and rustic kitchens alike. Similar to a Roman shade, the design is pulled upward to let light in, but skewing more decorative, the balloon curtain draped loosely with two pick-up points that give a scalloped look when the drapes are drawn.

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Stick to Sheer Whites

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A fan favorite, the sheer white curtain doesn't provide much privacy or shade, but we love the glow it provides when sunlight shines through. Perhaps one of the most versatile curtain options, sheers go with any décor style and work in any room.

Just be sure your curtains are tailored to your window size. Curtains that are too long don't sit as neatly and tend to give you an uneven flow of light.

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Coordinate Prints

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Michelle Berwick Design

If you've found the perfect print you just can't live without, we say use it everywhere. Pairing your kitchen curtains to those of your dining or living room feels custom and expensive. Shop for curtain sets or have them custom made to recreate this look.

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Try a Shades-and-Curtain Combo

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A sweet layering combo for your kitchen's breakfast nook, this bamboo shade and sheer curtain duo is proof that more is always more. Best for farmhouse and rustic styles or neutral color palettes, you'd be remiss not to take this pairing for a spin.

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Use a Traditional Valance

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Interior Impressions

Since the traditional valance only covers the top portion of the window, it may not seem that it serves much of a function. However, they can be used over another window covering to block out sunlight, or they can also be used purely for aesthetic purposes. A valance is a perfect solution for making small windows appear larger, hiding architectural imperfections, or tying in décor elements.

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Go for Café Curtains

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We love a lower-portion curtain for a few reasons. With the top half of your kitchen window exposed, you get plenty of sunlight pouring into your space without sacrificing your privacy. And even better, installation doesn't require power tools and years of experience.

Place a tension rod in your window frame or between two cabinets to create the perfect home for your curtains.

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Try a Curtain Cornice

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If an exposed curtain rod isn't your style, a cornice is the answer. It's a treatment that's installed over the hardware to hide rods and rings. They also help block light from poking in around (and more specifically, above) your curtains.

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Add Classic Roman Shades

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Blakely Interior Design

If hanging drapes cramp your style, consider opting for a design style that offers shade and privacy in a more streamlined way. Roman shades are a type of fabric window covering that's raised or lowered on a cord system and rings installed on the back. When raised, the fabric stacks in even horizontal folds, making for a polished look.

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Or Try Mini Roman Shades

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The upside of Roman shades is they come in all lengths to fit every window in your home. While you have the option to extend a single shade across multiple windows, we love the idea of splitting them up and opting for multiple Roman shades.

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Play With Printed Roman Shades

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Interior Impressions

Despite what most might believe, Roman shades aren't limited to plain solid colors. This cheery print is the perfect addition to this neutral kitchen. When pulled up, they resemble the traditional valance, and when let down, they add a pop of color without the frill.

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Hang Bamboo Roman Shades

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Britt Design Studio

Bamboo roman shades give your space tons of texture and privacy, while still letting the sunshine peek through. The natural weave turns direct sunlight into a filtered, dappled glow.

However, if you're looking to control outside light, you can add privacy with a blackout liner.

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Color-Coordinate Your Curtains

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When you want to make the color of your cabinets pop, pair them with curtains in a complementary shade. We love how these barely blue cabinets look against a woven pastel set of Roman shades. To recreate the look, be mindful of color tones and hues to nail the monochromatic look.

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Layer Linen Curtains

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Whether you're leaning more towards a tailored Roman shade or billowing pleats suspended from a rod, linen is a great fabric for traditional and contemporary décor styles, alike. And one of its best qualities is it's super easy to maintain. Linen can either be dry-cleaned or thrown in your washing machine. In fact, it actually becomes softer and more lived-in with each wash.

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Consider Grosgrain Ribbon Roman Shades

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Blakely Interior Design

If you can't select between a printed curtain or one in a solid color, there's actually a third option that falls somewhere in the middle. When you can't make up your mind, consider the grosgrain ribbon Roman shade design. It features a ribbon detail along the border of the shades that give your window coverings a more elevated look—without overwhelming your kitchen design.