29 Things to Toss From Your Kitchen Right Now (You Won't Miss Them)

Updated 06/21/17

Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to our Take 5 column, where we invite you to take a hump-day break with the week’s most revitalizing lifestyle stories. Ready for a breather?

Tessa Neustadt for Amber Interiors; Original Design: Stephanie DeAngelis

Consider an epic kitchen cleanout courtesy of Apartment Therapy. The décor site recently compiled a list of 29 knickknacks that are taking up space in your kitchen—you definitely won't regret tossing them.

Google just made your life so much easier: Your go-to search engine just became the world's largest job board. Instead of toggling between LinkedIn, GlassDoor, and Monster, just google it. CEO Sundar Pichai has the lowdown.

Considering the L.A. location sold out for four straight months within 24 hours, the Instagram haven will officially keep its doors open until October 16. Snag your tickets tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. PST!

After conquering fashion, food, and beauty, the Uber business model has officially breached the art world. Subscription services like Art Crate, Papirmass, and ArtMail allow you to ship unique prints straight to your door.

Look no further than Shine Text, the automated texting service that sends you a daily affirmation designed to engender self-compassion. Start working on your confidence, creativity, productivity, health, or joy and presence today.

Starbucks just kicked off summer 2017 with two new Frappuccinos: the Berry Prickly Pear and the Mango Pineapple Frappuccino Crèmes. The refreshing drinks will be available for a limited time only, so head over to your neighborhood Starbucks ASAP. 

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