7 Kitchens Giving the All-White Look a Run for Its Money

We’re no stranger to the well-documented all-white kitchen trend. Crisp, clean kitchen spaces routinely adorn our Pinboards with their clutter-free style and major editing goals. While our love for the all-white aesthetic is a flame that will never go out, we are, alas, of an adventurous mind. Lately, the color-rich competition has been turning our heads. Bright and bold color pairings are enough to have us daydreaming up some new summer remodel projects. If you’re looking for an easy update to your home kitchen, a simple paint job obliges itself as one of the most affordable and budget-friendly DIYs possible. To get you in the mood, we’ve rounded up a group of imaginative interiors that invite the full color spectrum under their roof. Expertly executed, these original abodes are full of vibrant energy, unexpected embellishments, and timeless sophistication. From edgy dark shades to effervescent pastels, get ready to take things technicolor. Come to the dark side. 

Which color combination is your favorite? Are you inspired to try the kitchen color trend, or are you forever true to the all-white aesthetic?