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13 Beautiful Kitchen Floor Ideas That Are Sure to Steal the Show

A contemporary kitchen with zigzag hardwood floors.

Proem Studio

Cabinets and countertops are important to kitchens. So are backsplashes and built-in fixtures—like sinks, stoves, and ovens. But a well-decorated kitchen doesn’t stop at eye level. It travels all the way down to—you guessed it—the kitchen floor. 

Floors are rarely very glamorous, but in the kitchen, you can have a lot of fun with them. Your kitchen floor can be boldly tiled like a retro diner, or filled with the same sleek hardwoods that line the rest of your house. You can cozy up your space with a rug, or opt for an out-of-the-box choice, like solid cement floors.

The point is simple: Your kitchen floors don’t have to be boring. (Frankly, there are too many kitchen floor ideas out there for you to let your kitchen floors be boring.) So look down, and get ready to do some serious decorating.

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Opt for Anything-But-Average Hardwoods

A small kitchen bar with hardwoods laid down in a zigzag pattern
Proem Studio

If you have full control over your floors, why not get a little creative? Lay your hardwoods down diagonally, and let them form zigzags across your floor. This design choice might be distracting in larger living rooms and bedrooms, but in a smaller space, like the kitchen, it will look absolutely stunning. 

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Bring Pops of Color Into Your Space

An open-concept with a vibrant yellow rug

Tyler Karu Design

Kitchen runners are a popular choice, no matter what aesthetic you’re curating, and they’re a great way to add a little color to your space. Opt for a runner that spices up your palette, complements your cabinetry, and leaves your entire kitchen feeling more dynamic.

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Try a Bold Tile Pattern

A kitchen with navy cabinets and a black-and-white tiled floor

Erin Williamson Design

Tiling your floors is a great way to add vintage flair to your kitchen. Keep things subtle by choosing a classic tile in a standardized neutral palette. Or go full retro diner, and opt for a bold black-and-white checkerboard pattern instead.

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Curate a Punchy Palette From Floor to Ceiling

A vibrant kitchen with navy cabinets and a pink printed rug

White Sands

Who said kitchens can’t be colorful? Even if you’re working with solid white walls and hardwood floors, you can easily brighten up your space. Paint your cabinets a color you’ll love looking at, and use a kitchen runner to add even more hues to the mix.

A pink printed rug
West Elm Framed Arrows Rug $400.00 $300.00
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Don’t Shy Away From Cement

An open-concept kitchen with exposed wood beams and cement floors

Julian Porcino

Cement can seem a little harsh for a kitchen, but when done well, it can feel sleek, cozy, and minimalist all at once. The material’s deep gray color will complement all of your cabinetry, and its slick surface will bring out the texture in all of your furniture, leaving your space feeling more sophisticated.

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Soften Your Floors With a Simple Rug

A kitchen with gray cabinets and a jute rug on the floor

Design: Mindy Gayer, Photo: Lane Dittoe

No one likes the feeling of bare toes on cold, hard floors, so even if you don’t want a pop of color, consider using a rug to soften out your space. Opt for a solid-colored performance option that matches the shade of your floors. It’ll keep you feeling cozy every time you cook, and it won’t disrupt your space.

A wheat-colored woven rug
Annie Selke Ojai Wheat Loom Knotted Rug $1,002,306.00
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Embrace Unconventional Materials

A cozy kitchen with black ceilings and stone-lined floors

Ashley Montgomery Design

Your kitchen floor doesn’t have to be crafted from tiles or hardwoods. Embracing unconventional materials, like stone, can be a great way to curate a kitchen that feels uniquely yours, and if you stick to a sleek, neutral palette, you can keep your space feeling both eye-catching and sophisticated.

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Use Printed Rugs to Add Contrast

A kitchen with a bold tiled backsplash and a printed red rug on the floor

Tyler Karu Design

If your kitchen counters are particularly statement-making, you might be tempted to leave your floors as is. And you definitely can—but you can also use a printed rug to add a little contrast. Opt for something that complements your counters. Use dark colors to bring out the black in a tile pattern or echo a pop of color that’s on your wall.

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Match Your Floors to Your Cabinets

A minimalist kitchen with light wood cabinetry

Julian Porcino

There’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching, but sometimes straight-up matching is the way to go. Stain your floors to match your cabinets—or vice versa. Either way, you’ll end up with a stunningly minimalist space.

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Use a Minimalist Runner to Cozy Up Your Space

A white kitchen with a gray printed rug

Reena Sotropa

If you’ve curated a pared-down palette, you may not want to disrupt it with a vibrant kitchen runner. However, that’s no reason to shy away from color entirely. Opt for a rug that makes the most of cool colors and neutrals. Even a couple pops of lilac can warm up your space—without wrecking the rest of your décor scheme.

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Play With Patterns

A kitchen with a printed backsplash and matching floors

Design: Michelle Boudreau Design, Photo: Lance Gerber

Since kitchens tend to be pretty small, they’re an excellent place to take risks. So don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder design details, like eye-catching patterns. A print that looks overwhelming in a larger space can suit a kitchen perfectly—even when it’s used on your backsplash and your floors.

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Ground Your Space with Dark Hardwoods

A kitchen with green cabinets and dark hardwood floors

Ashley Montgomery Design

If you’re blessed with hardwood floors, you probably won’t want to change them too much, but remember, you can always stain your floors so that they better suit your space. Lighter stains are a sleek (and increasingly popular) choice, but a darker stain can ground your space—leaving it feeling cozy and sophisticated.

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Let Your Counters Do the Talking

A kitchen with a vibrant backsplash and a printed rug

Erin Williamson Design

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your kitchen floors simple, especially if your counters are particularly statement-making. So cozy up your space with a neutral rug—and leave it at that.