11 Culinary Gadgets to Buy for the Foodie Geek

Confession: I’m a complete and total foodie geek. Although I may try and hide it, deep down I accept that I’m a culinary dork. In fact, it's high time I embrace it! Why? I know a vast amount of random food knowledge like the difference between a standing rib roast and a prime rib; the history of the Olympia, the oyster native to the West Coast that is now almost extinct in some regions; and the temperatures that chicken, beef, and pork should be pulled from the oven for perfectly medium rare meat. My cookbook collection is growing seriously out of control and some nights instead of reading a novel like a normal person, I read recipes from my newest cookbook before going to bed. I spend hours online searching for the perfect recipe and while away my Saturday mornings catching up on the Food Network.

Naturally, I’m incredibly into culinary gadgets. I rely heavily on a food processor and KitchenAid standing mixer and am so in love with the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker that I own three and keep one at my apartment, another at my family’s cabin, and a third at my grandfather’s house. Wondering what other gadgets I can’t live without or am contemplating adding to my arsenal? Here are 11 cooking tools that would be great gifts for the foodie geek in your life.

What geeky kitchen gadget is on your wish list?