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65 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas You Need to See

best kitchen ideas - large range and scale

Design: Pure Collected Living 

Whether you're an experienced chef or rarely go beyond microwaving ramen noodles, your kitchen is an integral part of your space. Though everyone's needs may differ, the kitchen often functions as the heart of the home, where friends and family can gather to share meals, stories, or even just a glass of wine. That's why getting a kitchen right can be so challenging.

"Start by fantasizing the dreamiest, most sumptuous kitchen without holding yourself back at all—in other words, don't think about budget and space constraints," Caitlin Murray, founder and creative director of Black Lacquer Design tells MyDomaine. "It's easier to scale back in the beginning than it is to tack things on later. By starting with your most perfect kitchen, you'll be able to better clarify and define exactly what it is that you want and need. Kitchens are notoriously tricky, and this is an exercise that provides focus, creates intention, and sets a strong foundation for all the work that follows."

It's easier to scale back in the beginning than it is to tack things on later. By starting with your most perfect kitchen, you'll be able to better clarify and define exactly what it is that you want and need.

When daydreaming about your ideal space, be sure to consider functionality as well as beauty.

"When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, the most important thing to keep in mind is function," Ashley Moore, founder and principal designer of Moore House Interiors says. "You can create a beautiful kitchen, but if it’s not functional, it will lose all luster." 

Keep scrolling for 65 (yes, 65!) of our best kitchen ideas that will inspire your next renovation.

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Mix Different Design Styles

best kitchen ideas - green cabinets and slate flooring

Design: Jessie Yoon of Casa Nolita, Photo: Kimberly Li

Decorist designer, Jessie Yoon of Casa Nolita married an updated farmhouse style with midcentury modern touches for a gorgeous kitchen that feels classic yet on trend.

“I love the color palette of the modern farmhouse kitchen," Yoon says. "The sage color of the cabinets is especially soothing and inviting. The white marble waterfall countertop elevates the kitchen and makes it look more contemporary. There are a few different style elements juxtaposed within, but it still feels entirely cohesive.”

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Go for Timelessness

best kitchen ideas - all white kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Design: Baylee Floyd of Baylee Deyon Design, Photo: Claudia Bell 

Renovating a kitchen is expensive, so take a cue from Decorist designer, Baylee Floyd of Baylee Deyon Design, and go for a classic look you won't tire of easily.

"White kitchens have to be more than just an all-white kitchen in order to stand out in the midst of all other white kitchens," Floyd explains. "This one stands out because of the warmth of its wood-tile floors, natural softness of the subtle yet stately backsplash that runs to the ceiling, the movement in the stone of the quartz countertops, and the texture and life brought to the space through the accessories on the floating shelves."

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Be Smart About Materials

best kitchen ideas - kitchen with gray island and cabinets

Design: Ashley Moore of Moore House Interiors, Photo: Grace Laird

Everyone uses their kitchens differently, so be sure to consider materials that will work for your lifestyle.

"For example, families with young children or frequent kitchen-users should look for durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance materials," Moore says. "If you cook on the stove often, choose a backsplash that’s easy to clean. If you’re building a custom kitchen, design your cabinet layout based on how you use the kitchen."

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Think About the Layout

best kitchen ideas - updated modern kitchen layout

Design: Michelle Lisac of Michelle Lisac Interior Design, Photo: Jennie Corti

Though you may only think about flow during your vinyasa yoga practice, it's equally important when designing a kitchen.

"You want to have good flow between the refrigerator, cooktop or range, and sink—basically, the most utilized items in the kitchen," Michelle Lisac, the founder and principal designer of Michelle Lisac Interior Design tells MyDomaine. "It's also important to take into account the needs but also the wants. For example, you need durable finishes and reliable appliances, but you might also want beautiful handmade tile backsplash and a custom vent hood."

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Do Your Research

best kitchen ideas - marble backsplash kitchen with blue cabinets

Design: Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design, Photo: Jessica Alexander

The best way to feel confident making decisions about appliances and backsplashes is to study up.

"Curb afterthoughts and regrets by familiarizing yourself with all of the gorgeous materials, fixtures, and hardware on the market," Murray recommends. "Visit showrooms and stone yards, really taking time to learn about the plethora of options because every choice you make affects the rest of the space. I find that clients are often surprised by the non-standard options, and it can be hard to dream up that perfect something when you don't know what all is out there. It's a great reason to hire the pros!" 

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Get Inspired

best kitchen ideas - traditional kitchen with rattan stools and shiplap

Design: Maggie Griffin of Maggie Griffin Design, Photo: Brian Bieder

Whether you dream of a farmhouse kitchen or refuse to consider anything but modern, look at the work of your favorite designers, Instagram influencers, and shelter magazines to get a sense of what you're hoping to create.

"When designing your dream kitchen, take note of the items you use everyday, and work with a kitchen designer to utilize them in the best work triangle," Maggie Griffin, founder and lead designer of Maggie Griffin Design says. "Shelter magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram are incredible sources to find exactly what you need in your dream space."

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Learn From the Past

best kitchen ideas - open shelving kitchen with dark cabinets and blue island

Design: Cathie Hong Interiors, Photo: Margaret Austin Photo

Trends are cyclical and while you might wish some fads stayed in the past, chances are, they'll become popular again. This time, however, you can update them to your own taste. Cathie Hong Interiors proved that dark wood kitchen cabinets are not stuck in the past when paired with modern hardware and a touch of open shelving.

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Keep Things Light and Bright

best kitchen ideas - black and white kitchen with light wood flooring

Design: Desiree Burns Interiors 

All-white kitchens are having a major moment. Desiree Burns of Desiree Burns Interiors embraces the trend and adds a touch of beadboard paneling for texture and sophisticated black accents like pendants and backsplash to make the trend her own.

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Don't Discount Cabinets

best kitchen ideas - all white kitchen cabinets with silver appliances

Design: Gray Space Interior Design

It's an open shelving world and we're all living in it, but that doesn't mean cabinets are over. Gray Space Interior Design led by Rasheeda Gray makes a case for bringing back full cabinetry in this gorgeous kitchen. The best part? If you're not ready for picture-perfect shelves, you can just shut the cabinet doors.

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Add Smart Storage

best kitchen ideas - hanging utensils over the stovetop

Design: Milk and Honey Life

In small kitchens, storage is key but getting it right can be a bit of a challenge. Karen Emile of Milk and Honey Life uses a rod and S-hook system to hang her most-used utensils from measuring cups to a potholder.

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Don't Forget to Decorate

best kitchen ideas - decorative open shelving with colored glass collections

Design: Casa Watkins Living

Just because a kitchen is functional doesn't mean you can't add touches of your personal style. Take a cue from Stephanie Watkins of Casa Watkins Living, and show off your collectables on open shelves.

Be sure to vary the height of your objets d'art for an Insta-worthy display.

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Bring in Plenty of Greenery

best kitchen ideas - rental kitchen with lots of greenery

Black and Blooms

In a rental kitchen, there's only so much one can do. Though we love stick-on tile and removable wallpaper, Sara Toufali of Black and Blooms created a mini garden in her rental kitchen to bring some life into the space.

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Consider Scale

best kitchen ideas - large range and scale

Design: Pure Collected Living 

Though you may love a French door refrigerator or an oversized stovetop, it's important to consider how they will look in the context of your space. Kelly-Ann Baptiste of Pure Collected Living went with a larger range hood to help offset the size of her kitchen instead of keeping the pre-existing smaller hood.

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Extend Your Backsplash

best kitchen ideas - patterned backsplash up the wall

Design: Reena Sotropa

Who says backsplash should only meet the bottom of your cabinets? Reena Sotropa made an eye-catching display by extending her funky, floral tiling all the way to the ceiling. Instant conversation starter.

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Go Two-Toned

best kitchen ideas - two toned kitchen cabinets

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

If you're looking to make your kitchen look larger, think about using two colors for your cabinetry. Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona painted her lower cabinets a rich blue and kept her uppers light and bright to add some depth and height to her space.

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Add Texture

best kitchen ideas - wooden backsplash

Design: Afro Bohemian Living

Backsplashes aren't limited to tile. Mani of Afro Bohemian Living went with an earthy, wooden backsplash for her Munich, Germany home, adding a touch of modern rustic style to her kitchen.

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Switch up Your Backsplash

best kitchen ideas - blue cabinets and backsplash in a pattern

Design: Bespoke Only

If you love subway tile but long to make it a little more interesting, consider arranging your tiles in a new way. Bespoke Only chose a step ladder pattern for this kitchen, but herringbone, vertical, or other groupings of tile are great options too.

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Try a Cool Palette

best kitchen ideas - blue cabinets with patterned backsplash

Design: Twelve 15 Design Studio

To give your kitchen a sense of calm, consider a cool color palette. Twelve 15 Design Studio used a deep blue shade for cabinets to create a room that feels more like a beach escape. Other hue options include purple and green.

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Try an Earthy Vibe

best kitchen ideas - earthy kitchen with standalone island

Design: Light & Dwell

Molly Kidd of Light and Dwell played off of the surroundings of her Oregon home to create a soothing earth-toned escape. Shades of soft green, natural wood, cream and gray give this kitchen a serene vibe.

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Go For a Statement Appliance

best kitchen ideas - statement stove top and hood

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

If you're looking for a stove top that's as gorgeous as it is functional, take a note from Pure Salt Interiors and invest in a true stunner. By keeping the rest of the kitchen light and bright, this stove and hood combo becomes the true focal point.

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Mix Shelving With Cabinets

best kithcen ideas - gray and white kitchen with open shelving and pendant lighting

Design: Cathie Hong Interiors, Photo: Christy Q. Photography

Yes, we all love carefully curated open shelves, but where do you store your not-so-well-coordinated dishware? Cathie Hong Interiors solved this problem in a Palo Alto home by combining the best of both worlds: open shelves to display gorgeous accents and cabinets to stow the rest away.

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Consider a Breakfast Table

best kitchen ideas - black and white kitchen with breakfast table

Design: Brady Tolbert for EHD, Photo: Tessa Neustadt 

If you have the space, an eat-in kitchen never fails. In designer Brady Tolbert's kitchen, a little nook by the window is transformed into a breakfast table, perfect for brunches with friends or just as a place to sip your morning coffee.

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Try a Tone-on-Tone Look

best kitchen ideas - tan kitchen with white accents

Design: Whittney Parkinson Design

You know your friend who always manages to pull off a totally sophisticated tone-on-tone look without even trying? Yeah, that works for kitchens too. In this example, Whittney Parkinson Design proves that neutrals are still a smart choice. By mixing white with taupe and various shades of cream, Parkinson creates a calming yet elevated kitchen.

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Experiment with Complementary Colors

best kitchen ideas- blue and white kitchen with copper accents

Design: Whittney Parkinson Design

Colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel (think green and red, or purple and yellow) give a room a dynamic feel. Whittney Parkinson Design used this color theory to bring in opposite shades of blue and copper and add some visual excitement to the space.

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Bring in a Console

best kitchen ideas - DIY kitchen rattan console for dish storage

Design: Anne Sage

Sometimes adding furniture from another area of the home is the best way to sneak storage into your kitchen. Designer Anne Sage DIYed this cabinet with gorgeous cane texture to store extra dishes and supplies in her kitchen.

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Consider Colorful Appliances

best kitchen ideas - black and wood kitchen

Design: Ann Living

Though stainless steel appliances reign supreme, it's just as stylish to go back to the basics. Ann from the blog Ann Living shows us how colorful appliances can be chic in her Poland home, plus dare we say, they're easier to clean?

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Focus on Versatility

best kitchen ideas - galley kitchen with green rolling island and stools

Design: Becca Interiors

In a Dumbo, Brooklyn apartment, space is finite. That's why Becca Interiors employed the age-old trick of using versatile pieces in a small kitchen. This rolling cart acts as a kitchen island, eat-in counter, storage shelves, and most importantly, can be rolled away when hosting guests.

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Consider Hanging Light Fixtures

best kitchen ideas - all-white kitchen with beachy pendant lighting

Design: Blakely Interior Design, Photo: Andrea Pietrangeli

Kitchens rely on good lighting—after all, you need to see clearly when you're slicing or dicing. Blakely Interior Design went with gorgeous rattan pendant lighting for this beachy escape, and the results are stunning. When adding light fixtures to your own kitchen, experts recommend incorporating a variety of lighting (pendants, task lighting, dimmers) to get the most out of your space.

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Add a Bistro Table

best kitchen ideas - small bistro table and window seat

Design: Calimia Home, Photo: Kelli Boyd Photography

Bring the charm of enjoying an almond croissant on the Champs Elysées to your home with a bistro table. Whether you live in a tiny apartment (in which case this table may also double as your main dining table) or you have a spacious home, Calimia Home proves that there's always room for a little French charm.

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Go Monochrome

best kitchen ideas - pink kitchen

Design: Dazey Den 

Never one to shy away from color, Danielle Nagel of Dazey Den makes a case for rethinking the all-white kitchen. Choose your favorite color (like this peppy peach) and decorate in tones, shades, and tints of that hue for a one-of-a-kind room.

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Add Some Drama

best kitchen ideas - black and white kitchen

Design: Hannah Tyler Designs

Hannah Tyler Designs knows that a high-contrast space never goes out of style. In this black and white kitchen, the matte black hood takes center stage while the white tile and cabinetry bring a little brightness to the room.

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Mix Metals

best kitchen ideas - mixed metal hardware

Design: House 9 Interiors

Gone are the days of meticulously matching all of the hardware in a room. House 9 Interiors mixes shiny gold pulls with dark brass hardware and silver candlesticks for a kitchen that feels equal parts lived-in and sophisticated.

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Research Your Flooring

best kitchen ideas - white and gold kitchen with wood floors

Design: JK Interior Living

When choosing kitchen flooring, it's important to consider your lifestyle and needs. JK Interior Living chose a gorgeous parquet wood floor for this kitchen, but other options include ceramic tile, natural stone, porcelain tile, laminate, or concrete. Be sure to research price and cleaning requirements before deciding.

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Consider Your Grout

best kitchen ideas - all white kitchen with colored grout

Design: Katherine Carter

When it comes to grout, you have a surprising number of options. Katherine Carter went with a dark gray choice in this Pacific Palisades home, but other selections include traditional white, black, or even a statement color like pink.

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Build a Banquette

best kitchen ideas - banquette with breakfast nook

Design: Katie Hodges Design 

If you have the space, nothing's cozier than a built-in banquette. Katie Hodges Design created the perfect nook with custom shelves, wishbone chairs, and plenty of pillows. We'd like to take our morning coffee here, please.

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Try a Built-In

best kitchen ideas - built-in shelving with dish storage

Design: Katie Martinez Design

Nothing spruces up a kitchen like a set of built-ins. Katie Martinez Design added this smart storage solution to a Nantucket home, making sure to add dish compartments for easy grab-and-go living.

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Embrace Maximalism

best kitchen ideas - maximalist kitchen with bold colors and mixed patterns

Design: K Shan Interiors

If you love pattern, maximalism might be for you. K Shan Design proves more is more with this fun-loving kitchen, which mixes palm prints, hexagon tiles, black-and-white flooring, and a vintage rug.

When mixing patterns, use a similar color palette and mix large-scale patterns with smaller motifs, so the eye is not overwhelmed.

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Switch up Your Subway Tile

best kitchen ideas - blue subway tiles

Design: Andi Morse Design

One of the easiest ways to add color to a kitchen is through the backsplash. Andi Morse Design chose a blue subway tile and white grout for this space, bringing something a little different to a traditional tile.

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Try a Gradient

best kitchen ideas - orange ombre kitchen

Design: Dazey Den

If you love color, consider adding multiple shades to your kitchen cabinetry. Danielle Nagel of Dazey Den perfects this look with a yellow to orange gradient reminiscent of a sunrise. If that won't get you out of bed in the morning, what will?

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Lay Down a Rug

best kitchen ideas - gray kitchen with rust kitchen runner rug

Design: Leclair Decor

We know that kitchen rugs can be divisive, but Leclair Decor makes a great case for one in this sleek kitchen. Consider adding a thick rug pad underneath yours to prevent slipping and add some support to your knees when you're cooking.

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Go Dark

best kitchen ideas - black kitchen with wood accents

Leclair Decor

We love white kitchens as much as the next person, but there's something about black kitchens we can't get enough of. Leclair Decor brings plenty of drama with black marble countertops, shiny black subway tile, and dark wood cabinets.

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Add a Touch of Glam

best kitchen ideas - blue and gold and wood and cement floor kitchen

Design: Michelle Boudreau Design

If you love a little glitz, bring in some shiny brass accents. Michelle Boudreau Design has a Midas touch in this space with gold hardware, stools, faucets, and accessories, perfect for the glamorous set.

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Try a Waterfall Countertop

best kitchen ideas - marble waterfall countertop

Design: Sarah Fultz Interiors

For a chic design you won't tire of easily, try a waterfall countertop. Sarah Fultz Interiors paired the gorgeous trend with a minimalist kitchen set-up, ensuring that all eyes are on the marble.

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Bring in Personal Accents

best kitchen ideas - black and cream kitchen with homey touches

Design: Proem Studio

So often we forget that a kitchen can be beautiful as well as functional. In this Union Square abode, Proem Studio added personal touches like a lamp (perfect for reading recipes) and leaning art to make a gorgeous kitchen a little homier.

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Embrace a Little Warmth

best kitchen ideas - warm kitchen with neutrals

Design: Proem Studio

We know light kitchen cabinets might have you thinking back to your parents' kitchen in the '90s, but Proem Studio proves that light wood cabinets are back. When paired with flat-panel doors and modern brass hardware, we're happy to welcome this trend back into the fold.

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Rethink Dish Storage

best kitchen ideas - drawer dish storage with peg system

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Tramp-Ligorria

Though stacking plates in a cabinet will always work, Emily Henderson Design makes a case for a new kind of storage: a peg system. This tactic—commonly used on ships—keeps dishes in place and gives you easy access to your most-used items.

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Mix Warm and Cool Tones

best kitchen ideas - warm kitchen with waterfall countertop and cool tones

Design: Yael Weiss Interiors

This Yael Weiss Interiors kitchen is a master class in pairing warm and cool colors. The light tan cabinetry blends seamlessly with the pale green cabinets as the marble waterfall countertop pulls it all together.

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Bring in Antiques

best kitchen ideas - blue and gray kitchen with antique paintings

Photo: Rikki Snyder

No need to leave your favorite heirlooms in the living room. A vintage mirror, paintings, and tchotchkes bring life and personality into this kitchen and make the space feel special.

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Add a Butcher Block

best kitchen ideas - butcher block tabletop

Design: Reagen Taylor Photography

There's a reason butcher block countertops are so popular. You can cut directly on them, they won't dull your knives as quickly as other surfaces, and they're easy to restore with mineral oil.

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Rethink Your Backsplash

best kitchen ideas - blue and white rustic kitchen in maine

Design: Tyler Karu, Photo: Erin Little

Backsplashes aren't limited to tile. Though Tyler Karu chose to cover a small portion of the wall in tile, the main star of this Saco, Maine, kitchen is the shiplap wall covering, which adds texture and coziness to the room.

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Try Colorblocking

Blue and wood kitchen

Naked Kitchens

This kitchen has a color-blocked appearance thanks to a mix of white, wood, and blue tones. A waterfall island adds a modern feel, while flush cabinetry keeps things sleek and clean. A chalkboard adds a homey touch.

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Incorporate Sconces

Blue lower cabinets

Julia Robbs

You might not typically think of your kitchen when you think of sconces, but trust us—it can work. This photo is case-in-point that adding a pair of sconces flanking a set of shelves can make a modern kitchen feel more intimate. We love the brass and black mix on these.

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Think Vintage

Blue cabinets and leather pulls

Naked Kitchens

Have an old stove in your kitchen? Not everything has to be gutted and replaced. Renovate your kitchen around it and channel a vintage vibe. The black and white check floor and cabinetry pulls bring a retro vibe to this kitchen.

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Don't Be Afraid of Clutter

kitchen after

Photo by Amber Ulmer; Courtesy of Elsie Larson

While some might fear clutter, take this as an opportunity to embrace it. The mix of sizes, colors, and styles packing these open shelves gives a collected feel to this bright and airy kitchen. More is sometimes more.

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Remember: Blue and White Never Fails

Light blue cabinets

Naked Kitchens

When designing a kitchen, coming up with a color palette is often the hardest part. Going all-white is safe, but sometimes it can feel a little dull. If you're craving something more exciting, remember that blue and white are always timeless. Whether you choose navy or light blue tones, you really can't go wrong.

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Add Window Treatments

New, fresh kitchen.

Design: Mandy Cheng, Photo: Madeline Tolle

Consider adding Roman shades. Window treatments are an easy way to make a kitchen feel homier, and because you can leave them up, they won't block out any light. We love these natural-textured shades that complement the grounded vibe of the kitchen.

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Mix Black and Blue

Slate blue, black, and white

House of Sprucing

Think mixing black and blue can't be done? Let this kitchen be proof that it absolutely can. Thanks to enough white space to break everything up, the end result is sleek, sophisticated, and polished. Opt for darker blue tones to keep the look cohesive.

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Embrace Purple

kitchen after

Peter Rymwid

If you're never considered purple in the kitchen, think again. This subtle pop of purple cabinetry makes a bold statement in this otherwise neutral kitchen. A mix of metals keeps the overall vibe from feeling too glam.

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Channel a Farmhouse

Blue drawers

Naked Kitchens

Consider this the opportunity to create the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams. Beadboard, blue and white, hanging utensils? Check, check, and check. Add a custom wooden hood above your stove and you're set.

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Bring The Energy

After shot of white kitchen with green accents.

Courtesy of Marika Meyer

Your kitchen is often the first spot you go in the morning—it's where you make coffee, breakfast, and enjoy the first meal of the day. Choose energizing colors to give you that pep you need in the morning (or at the end of a very long day when the last thing you feel like doing is cooking dinner). This combo of blue and green will perk anyone right up. An abundance of white accents keeps it from feeling too much.

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Consider Seating

Blue island in kitchen

Sarah Fultz Interiors

An island is a great opportunity to incorporate seating. You can converse, eat a meal, or even use it as a WFH set-up when needed. Choose seating that's stylish but also comfortable. These leather chairs have a high enough back to offer support, while still lending an industrial-chic vibe to the space.

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Be Subtly Bold

makeover of the week - dated kitchen after photo

Design: Mansfield + O'Neil, Photo: Isabel Eubanks

If you want to incorporate a bold color but are fearful it'll be too much, take a cue from this kitchen. The orange interiors of these pendant lights provide just the right amount of pop. A sleek wood island and simple cabinetry help ground the colorful, patterned space.

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Consider Your Background

Blue wood island

Erin Williamson Design

Is your kitchen open-planned, opposite your living room? Can you see your dining room right behind it? Consider the other rooms that will be in eyesight when designing your kitchen. We love how the earthy green tones in the room behind this kitchen blend with the backsplash and dark cabinetry tones.

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Hardware Goes a Long Way

makeover of the week - Elizabeth Cooper kitchen redo

Design: Elizabeth Cooper Interior Design, Photo: Tony George

If a full kitchen reno isn't the cards, consider swapping out all your hardware. You'll be surprised how shiny brass pulls and a new faucet can make an older kitchen feel fresh and new. Don't be afraid to mix materials, either. If you've got a stainless stove or fridge, adding in brass or gold pulls can feel sleek and modern.

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Take Cabinetry Sky-High

Blue and gray kitchen

House Nine 

No need to give up precious storage space—take your cabinets from floor to ceiling, like in the kitchen pictured, so you can use every inch of your kitchen space. If you're worried it will feel too closed off, make sure to break things up. While this kitchen utilizes floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, it also has regular cabinets above a backsplash. Glass-front cabinets can break up the monochrome look, as well.