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20 Kitchens With the Most Beautiful Pendant Lighting

kitchen pendant lighting


Allow us to shed some light on your home-decor woes. If your impeccably designed kitchen still seems to be missing something, chances are your space could benefit from a pendant light. Whether it's a bold, eye-catching design, or a minimalist approach to lighting, a pendant is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling, usually suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. It's usually hung in multiples, and it makes a statement in every kitchen, from sprawling island-boasting spaces to tiny apartments.

And the truth is, it doesn't matter if you're working with a tight budget or ready to splurge some serious cash; the perfect pendant light can make even the most basic kitchen look like a custom build. However, navigating the world of kitchen lighting can feel like a shot in the dark. Because, while a run-of-the-mill pendant light may do the trick, a truly special piece can light up your life. Ahead, the inspiration and shopping list for you to take your kitchen to the next level

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Three's Company

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Design: Emily Henderson Design Photographer: Sara Tramp 

Depending on the space you're working with, three is usually the magic number for hanging multiple pendant lights. Three ball pendants fill this kitchen bar counter beautifully.

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Step It Up A Notch

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

 Design: Corine M, Photo: Decorilla Interior Design

We're fans of the classic clear glass globes, but these take that simple design to the next level. The gold band around these pendants complement the gold details on the barstools.

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Geometric Pendants

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

 Design: Sonia C., Photo: Decorilla Interior Design

There's something about angular shapes that catch our attention every time. These clear geometric pendant lights add an unexpected modern element in this kitchen.

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An Extension Of Your Design

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Design: Velinda Hellen, Photo: Veronica Crawford

Don't forget that all lighting, especially statement pendants, are an extension of your kitchen design. Treat them as décor, aside from just a lighting source. This space incorporates chrome industrial pendants that give this kitchen a farmhouse feel.

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Color Coordinate

Kitchen pendant lighting

 Design: Brady Tolbert, Photographer: Tessa Neustadt

If you have a bold color scheme cooking in your kitchen, use your pendants to your advantage. We love how these vintage-inspired pendants in this kitchen follow the same black-and-white palette as the rest of the space.

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Bring The Glamour

The quickest way to infuse some glamour into your kitchen design is installing a few gold lantern pendants. This lighting trio makes this simple kitchen look so luxe.

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Design Over Utility

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Design: Emily Henderson Design Photographer: Sara Tramp

We love an exposed-bulb pendant light situation, but this rod design with bulbs on either end is nothing short of a masterpiece.

A piece like this won't give you the most light – it's really meant to act as a showpiece. Plan accordingly and install track lighting, recess lighting or compensate with strategically placed sconces.

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Add A Midcentury Touch

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Courtesy of Pure Salt Interiors

We've never met a midcentury-inspired pendant we didn't love, and this kitchen has two. These clusters of orbs add tons of light without looking too bulky. Plus, the gold finish brings out the finish on the fixtures throughout the space.

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Go With Copper

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Courtesy of Pure Salt Interiors 

Brass is usually the go-to finish for pendants and accessories in trendy homes, but you'd be remiss to not consider the copper trend. We love how these copper pendants look over this kitchen island—modern, but not overdone.

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Think Outside The Bulb

It doesn't get more unexpected than skipping bulbs altogether. This kitchen pendant boasts an LED light source that lays flat and looks so modern hanging over your counter bar.

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Half And Half

If you're looking for something in a classic shape, that doesn't look basic, these half-brass orbs are just what you need. It's functional because it offers plenty of light, but the brass chains and cover on the top half look so expensive and glamorous.

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Make The Most Of High Ceilings

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

 Courtesy of Pure Salt Interiors

If you're lucky enough to own a space that boasts high ceilings, source pendant lights in a longer shape. The trio in this kitchen takes up more space vertically than it does horizontally, but doesn't hang too low above the island counter.

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Shine A Spotlight

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Courtesy of Pure Salt Interiors 

These brass cone pendants are perfect for creating a spotlight effect on a counter surface. When all other light sources are off, these two pendants hanging over the bar shine a light on the counter in a concentrated space.

If you have anything in your kitchen that deserves the spotlight, place it under these pendants.

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Keep It Simple

Sometimes the most simple pendant lights make the most impact. Case in point: this modern, minimalist kitchen. A few tiny clear globes with dainty bulbs do what they do best (bring the light in) and look fabulous doing it.

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Mix It Up

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Courtesy of Pure Salt Interiors 

If you're working with a space that can take multiple light sources, mix it up a bit. Play with different pendant light styles in the same space for tons of visual interest. Just be sure the variety flows well together.

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Draw Inspiration

kitchen pendant lights

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Zeke Ruelas

This home was built in the 30’s, so the designer was inspired to add a touch of deco via these vintage-inspired pendants. Draw inspiration from the space you're working in, and you're sure to design a space as beautiful as this one.

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Bring It In Close

Hanging your trio of pendant lights close to each other makes an even bolder statement. In this space, each pendant is installed within less than a foot of each other, which commands attention every time.

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Shine On

These mirror-finished chandeliers add tons of dimension in a predominantly-white space. The light bounces off these pendants in a way that creates gorgeous flares at all times of the day.

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Heart Of Gold

When we want to add warmth to a space, we seek out pendants with a metallic gold finish on the inside. When the light is on, it creates a warm glow that makes any space feel inviting.

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Light Up Small Spaces

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

 Design: Jess Bunge, Photo: Sara Tramp

You don't need a sprawling kitchen with an island to proudly display a collection of pendant lights. This apartment proves a single pendant hanging above the charming kitchen is all you need to make a house your home.

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