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9 Rooms That Prove Houseplants Belong in the Kitchen

Open shelving next to fiddle leaf fig.

Courtesy of Brooke Christen

Plant parents know that green friends look lovely in any room of the house. However, we don’t see plants on display in the kitchen as often as we’d like, but we’re here to share that it’s A-OK to style them there—in fact, a pop of green can work wonders in tying together a space and adding some welcome pep.

We rounded up nine inspiration photos that will encourage you to go right ahead and move that pothos or succulent onto your open shelving ASAP. 

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Pretty Pothos

Bright open kitchen with hanging pothos.

Courtesy of Alexandra Stafford

Blogger and cookbook author Alexandra Stafford logs a significant number of hours in the kitchen, and we love her placement of an oversized pothos plant right at the room’s entryway. A petite plant by the kitchen’s window pays a nod to its larger sibling and brightens up that section of the space.

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An Artful Arrangement

Boho kitchen with plants on shelves.

Courtesy of Ashley Mayes

If you’re a maximalist at heart, don’t be afraid to let your favorites shine. Blogger Ashley Mayes displayed both plants and dishware on her open shelving in a way that looks artful and thoughtful. Leaning artwork helps finish off the look.

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Hey, Fiddle Fiddle

Open shelving next to fiddle leaf fig.

Courtesy of Brooke Christen

We often see fiddle leaf figs in the living room, but who says they can’t shine in the kitchen, too? Blogger Brooke Christen placed a smaller version of the plant on her countertop where it receives plenty of sunlight thanks to a nearby window. Mini plants on her open shelving look darling as well.

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Woven Whimsy

Kitchen with plants and pink cabinets.

Courtesy of Kelly Mindell

Studio DIY blogger Kelly Mindell designed a kitchen full of bright accents, and her plants couldn’t look more at home in the space.

Placing plants in a hanging wicker basket adds a boho nod that complements the style of Mindell’s vibrant pink rug.

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High and Low

Toddler boy next to small bike in kitchen.

Courtesy of Miranda Driehuizen

Designer Miranda Driehuizen played with height in her kitchen, placing one plant at eye level and using the others to spice up the tops of her cabinets. Driehuizen features a variety of plant types in her space—mixing and matching is encouraged.

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Not All Neutral

Kitchen with wooden countertops and small plant.

Courtesy of Abi Dare

Blogger Abi Dare may have designed a mostly minimalistic kitchen, but who can forgo a plant or two? A touch of green life will always prevent a space from feeling too stark or impersonal. 

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A Subtle Touch

White kitchen counter with small plants.

Courtesy of Christine Andrew

Blogger Christine Andrew’s crisp kitchen looks nice and cozy with colorful touches including a small plant and a bowl of lemons.

Natural elements always make a space look more cohesive and finished, even when décor is kept minimal.

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Something Shiny

Maxine in her kitchen with dog and hanging plants.

Courtesy of Maxine Brady

In a space like Maxine Brady’s kitchen, which features a variety of patterns, it’s best to keep plants nice and simple. Hanging one in a beautiful bronze planter as seen here will do the trick.

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Glorious Green

White kitchen filled with plants.

Courtesy of Laura Sesana

Meanwhile, an all-white kitchen provides the perfect backdrop to showcase a larger collection. Blogger Laura Sesana placed plants—large and small—high and low to create plenty of visual interest in an otherwise neutral space.