We Can't Get Enough of This Chic Kitchen Accessory

And it has so many different uses.

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Cottage rustic kitchen with blue cabinetry.

Becca Interiors

You've likely come across kitchen risers while browsing your favorite home retailers in the past, but have you ever stopped to think about how useful these pieces can truly be? We were ultra inspired by this TikTok video that shows the many ways you can incorporate a riser into your kitchen to free up some of that precious counter space.

Basically, a kitchen riser serves as a tray of sorts, making it easy to neatly corral some of your go-to items while ensuring that your space appears both organized and aesthetically pleasing. The creator in the video we referenced shows how to use a kitchen riser 1) as a means to sort dishwashing supplies, 2) to house necessities by the stove, and 3) as a way to elevate a home bar setup.

Even if your kitchen needs a change down the line, risers are so versatile that you'll easily be able to find a home for them in another room of the house. Not sure where to begin? Use one in the bathroom to display lotions or perfume bottles. Place another below a terracotta pot to elevate your plant display. Keep a third on your coffee table and jazz it up with a few of your favorite candles.

Because you now totally know that you want one (or, TBH, three) of these, we've rounded up our favorites below.

Williams Sonoma Hold Everything Lazy Susan

lazy susan kitchen riser

Williams Sonoma

This round kitchen riser actually doubles as a Lazy Susan, making it all the more storage-friendly. We'd likely place a piece like this one by the stove, using it to hold favorite bottles of olive oil, stirring utensils, spices, and more.

When setting out your spices and oils, you can always decant them into jars that better align with the colors and design scheme present in your kitchen. For example, there are many beautiful brass vessels available online that will really take your grocery store olive oil to the next level.

Hearth & Hand Footed Wood Serving Trivet

Footed Wood Serving Trivet


Included as part of Target's Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia line, this wooden riser is an ultra-affordable pick that certainly doesn't lack sophistication. It can be incorporated into the kitchen in any of the ways we highlighted above, but it can also easily shine on the tabletop, too.

A kitchen riser can double as an excellent serving tool—use it to house pastries, cheeses, or slices of bread during a get-together, for example. This style in particular will add a rustic touch to any tablescape.

Terrain Footed Teak Serving Board

teak kitchen risers


This teak riser is similar in style to the Target piece above, only it has a rounded design. The size and shape of your countertops will help you determine what type of riser is best for your space. This one actually comes in three different sizes; you could certainly grab one of each and make use of these all throughout your kitchen if you wish.

TNTSignsandDesigns Round Wood Riser

Round Wood Riser


These round risers with knobbed feet couldn't be more adorable. Available in both various wood hues and painted white, they lean farmhouse in nature but would look lovely in almost any style of kitchen. The smallest option measures just five inches in diameter, meaning that it would be right at home in even the tiniest of kitchens.

etúHOME Classic Footed Tray

Classic Footed Tray


This kitchen riser is a bit longer, making it perfect for situations where you have a lot to store! The handle makes the piece easy to pick up and maneuver as necessary, too. We love the way in which this one has been styled to house all of the fixings for a perfect happy hour at home—this is just another example of the versatility these types of pieces have to offer.