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20 Best Kitchen Rug Ideas to Try in Your Own Space

kitchen rug ideas

Katie LeClerq

Your kitchen is probably one of the most well-used spaces in your home. From cooking and cleaning, to prepping and homework-ing, to late-night snacking and chatting, the kitchen sees it all. And the kitchen, counters, floors and all, can get pretty beat up along the way.

One great way to protect your kitchen floors from all this foot traffic is by using a kitchen rug. Despite this controversial piece of fabric, these rugs provide protection to a heavily used space, and a soft spot for your foot to land on cold and early mornings. Check out some of the best ways to style a kitchen rug below.

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Repeat Rug Colors

kitchen rug in white and blue kitchen

Sara Fultz Interiors

The first great way to style a rug in a kitchen is to repeat its colors elsewhere in the space. A multicolored Persian style rug, for example, is the ideal palette to pick from for the rest of the kitchen, and its colors can be used in lighting, kitchen linens and countertop accessories.

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Create An Elegant Feel

rattan kitchen rug in navy kitchen

Katie LeClerq

Using a simpler and subtler kitchen rug material like rattan, especially when paired with a dark and moody cabinet color, can make your kitchen feel elegant and understated. Amplify this classy vibe even further by using brass or gold accents.

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Provide A Pop of Color

burgundy kitchen rug in green kitchen

Sara Fultz Interiors

We get it: neutrals are great, and it's no surprise why they provide such a sense of calm to the kitchen, an often chaotic space. But even neutral spaces need a few exciting hues. Bring those in with a pop of color from a deep and richly toned kitchen rug. Not only will your kitchen will still feel calm, but it will look great too.

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Or Stick With Neutrals

black kitchen rug in cream kitchen

Rikki Snyder

Not feeling a pop of color? No worries, a kitchen rug can be a great way to add another neutral feature too! Use one with toned-down color and pattern to add a sense of calm. But to keep your space from feeling too boring, pick a rug that's interesting texturally to provide some visual contrast.

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Make It Count With Contrast

red kitchen rug in white kitchen

Sara Fultz Interiors

For a kitchen rug that really stands out, place a boldly-colored one in an otherwise clean and simple space. A warm and bright red rug will shine against clean white cabinetry and countertops.

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Bring In A Farmhouse Touch

striped kitchen rug in blue kitchen

Rikki Snyder

A kitchen rug won't only work in your space if it's modern or boho. It can also bring in some style if you're looking for a more down-to-earth touch. Pick a rug with faded color or a weathered look for a farmhouse feel. A rug that's tasseled or otherwise accessorized will also work.

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Blend It In

checkerboard kitchen rug in mauve kitchen

Naked Kitchens

For a unique kitchen rug setup, have it match or coordinate with the color of your wall. This works best if your wall is a neutral or natural tone (AKA: not neon orange!). Doing this can provide a seamless and unique wall-to-floor look. To add some visual interest, pick a rug with a subtle texture or pattern.

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Make Sure Your Rug Is Durable

rattan kitchen rug in white kitchen

Victoria Bell Designs

Despite our best efforts, it's pretty fair to say our kitchens are not spotless 100% of the time (or even 50% of the time!). With all the cooking, prepping and day-to-day life that happens in kitchens, these spaces take quite the beating. Make sure your floor can handle it by picking a kitchen rug that's durable and stain-resistant.

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Follow The Shape Of Your Room

red kitchen rug in gray kitchen

Reagen Taylor Photography

Don't make your kitchen fit your rug, rather, your rug needs to fit in your kitchen. If your kitchen is closer to a square than a rectangle, think twice before using a long runner. Additionally, don't try to use a circular rug in a long and narrow room. Both of these options will only make the proportion of your rug feel off and take away from the space, instead of adding to it.

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Don't Be Afraid Of Sweet + Simple

gray kitchen rug in white kitchen

Pure Salt Interiors

If you need a kitchen rug that blends in instead of standing out, don't be afraid to pick something more on the simpler side. A subtly patterned or colored rug can provide a soft space for your feet without adding in excess visual clutter.

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Use Kitchen Rugs Elsewhere

burgundy kitchen rug in mint green kitchen

Sara Fultz Interiors

If your kitchen is open concept or opens up to a dining space, consider using another rug in your space that has the same pattern as your kitchen one. This will help create a sense of cohesion between rooms and cut down on the visual clutter open concept spaces can sometimes fall prey to.

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Match Hardware To Your Rug

beige and cream kitchen rug in dark wood kitchen

Cathie Hong Interiors

For a kitchen look that feels effortlessly coordinated, pair any accents on your rug with your hardware. For example, a kitchen rug with black dots will look great next to matte black hardware, whereas a rug with gold lines will pair perfectly with a brass faucet.

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Use Optical Illusions

striped rug in a loft kitchen

Becca Interiors

Have a teeny tiny galley kitchen? Use its narrowness to your advantage by incorporating a runner rug in the aisle of your kitchen. Bonus points if it has a long, linear pattern, which make can make your space look bigger than it really is!

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Coordinate With The Floor

gray kitchen rug in black kitchen

Cathie Hong Interiors

Stumped on what color your kitchen rug should be? Use your floor for inspiration! Pick a slightly darker or lighter hue than your floor for a rug that seamlessly blends into your space.

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Break Out The Cool Tones

blue rug in wooden kitchen

Black and Blooms

If your kitchen is especially warm-toned (read: so much honey oak), break up the warmth by adding a pop of something cool, like a blue kitchen rug. This helps to create a kitchen that doesn't feel like it's stuck in the golden hour all day long.

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Master Monochrome

gray kitchen rug in gray kitchen

Devon Grace Interiors

Want a kitchen style you don't have to think too much about? Go for monochrome. Having nearly everything in your space different shades of the same color (including your kitchen rug) creates a soothing and easy-on-the-eye kitchen.

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Create Old World Style

faded kitchen rug in dark green kitchen

Katie LeClerq

For a kitchen that looks like it has centuries-old roots, use a rug with a vintage pattern and washed-out color. An actual vintage Persian-style rug will work well too, but you'll have to be extra careful with its durability.

For a cohesive Old World look, pair the vintage-style rug with brass accents, fresh white glass tile and pops of moody color.

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Cover It Up

Blue kitchen rug in white kitchen

Black and Blooms

Fact: sometimes kitchen flooring can be pretty ugly. Also a fact: you can cover it up with a rug! You'll need a larger rug than your typical kitchen rug for this task, but you'll be rewarded with your eyesore of a floor disappearing.

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Bring In The American Southwest

red kitchen rug in white kitchen

Katie LeClerq

For a unique touch in a kitchen that's otherwise fairly standard, bring in a piece of the American Southwest! A southwestern style kitchen rug can add fun patterns to a cut and dry space, while adding rich color too.

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Keep It Small

gray kitchen rug in a green kitchen

Devon Grace Interiors

If you only have the space (or the budget) for a small kitchen rug, that's okay! A petite rug can pair perfectly with the space in front of the sink or another work area, like a cutting board.