8 Genius Kitchen Storage Ideas You Haven't Thought Of

new1 1. Repurpose a Vintage Cabinet Old library card catalogs or vintage cabinets with multiple small stories can be more useful than standard kitchen cabinets because they allow you to separate your small items, which have a tendency to get lost or look messy in big cabinets and drawers. If you have room to spare, hunt a beautifully distressed one at flea markets and antique shops.
new2 2. Build Up The biggest storage problem for most of us is that there's not enough it, yet oftentimes kitchen storage doesn't stretch all the way to the ceiling. Whether you have a funky pitched roof and you build a wall of shelves around a door frame, or you have open shelving and add an extra shelf or two, sometimes more is really all the solution you need.
3 3. Hook and Hang Your Pots We often see pots and pans hung on hooks on kitchen walls or from a pot rack over the island, but sometimes that storage solution just doesn't go with a home's aesthetic. We love the idea of your most-used pots and pans from a bar on the side of your kitchen cabinets; since they're not at eye level, they're discreet, yet still handy.
4 4. Create a Vegetable Drawer Many vegetables, especially root vegetables, can and should be kept in a cool or temperate, dark place (like potatoes, for example). Lasting for more than a week, they also don't need to be kept out in the open as a reminder to be used, like some vegetables. So dedicate a specific drawer for these less-precious foods; it will clear up prime countertop and pantry space.
5 5. Make Your Meals on Wheels If your kitchen is low on storage space, consider buying a two-tiered rolling shelf. Not only will it offer you more room (great for oddly shaped items like appliances and large pots), but it will also act as an additional countertop wherever you need it. One day, you can roll it over to the compost for peeling carrots, and the next, it can be a cookie-baking station for your kids.
6 6. Place Tools Where They Matter Overall, you should arrange your kitchen to reflect how you use it (and how you cook). That said, it can be life-changing to hang your spatulas, spoons, and the like, right in arm's reach of your stove. We often see jars stuffed with spatulas to the right of the stove or in a drawer nearby, but why not place them front and center? Think about the other tools and ingredients you use regularly and how you can optimize their placement.
housebeautiful 7. Believe in Baskets There's a reason baskets have been around since the beginning of time, and that's because they're immortal they're simply genius. Of course, many of us have a bin or two in our kitchens, but we love the idea of using them to transform dead space, such as those kitchen desk nooks that breed messy paperwork. Install a couple of basic shelves along with a collection of baskets, and you have yourself a whole new storage unit.
8 8. Hide Your Appliances Don't let ugly or rarely-used appliances hog your countertop or interrupt your perspective. Install your microwave, or what have you, behind your cabinet doors for a cleaner look that frees up countertop space for more favored items.
Want to see more storage ideas like these? Follow our Storage Solutions board on Pinterest! Photographs: Isabelle Heureux, Country Living, The 2 Seasons, Smallbone, Chris Patey for Domaine, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens (7,8)