This Gorgeous Home Décor Trend Will Dominate Pinterest

We adorn our walls with fresh coats of paint or statement wallpaper and draw our guests' gaze to the ceiling with bold lighting and intricate moldings, but when it comes to flooring, there's usually little room for creativity—or at least that's what we thought. While searching for stunning imagery for a story about our favorite interiors of all time, we stumbled across one shot that took our breath away: a standalone bathtub on Carrara marble tiles that gradually transitions into wooden floorboards. It turns out you were floored by the jaw-dropping image too, giving the snap over 10,000 likes on Instagram.

We're not the only ones… Interior designers around the world are starting to embrace the trend dubbed "tile transitioning." Whether on the walls of a bathroom or the floor of an open-plan dining room, interlacing tiles with wooden floorboards is seriously showstopping. Plus, according to experts, it's not as hard as you'd imagine to incorporate it in your next renovation.

Is this the next big home décor trend? We're betting on it. Take a look at some of the best interiors that take statement floors to the next level—and find out how to do it yourself. 

So, are you with us? Our bet's on this stunning tile trend to dominate Pinterest. Which interiors are you adding to your board?