11 Trends to Try in Your Next Kitchen Renovation

New year, new you—new kitchen? If you have plans to give your cooking space a much-needed face-lift in 2016, you might want to study the trends that will be all the rage. Just like on the runways, this year we’re seeing a shift toward chic minimal lines juxtaposed with warm and inviting elements, raw materials, and an attention to well-edited decorative accents. Scroll on for endless renovation inspiration.

Devol Kitchens

Moody Hues

Dark and dramatic kitchens are on the rise. Take cues from Devol Kitchens’ latest hit: a moody room with deep forest-green cabinets, stark white Carrara marble, and copper accents. Notice the blackened stainless steel range, another trend that is expected to hit the market hard this year.

Courtesy of Lorenzo Castillo

Wood Slat Cabinets

We saw the rise of shiplap walls in 2015, and it seems that the wood slat trend is extending to the kitchen. Raw natural woods are gaining momentum, as are minimal kitchen cabinet styles, so the wood slats seem a perfect solution to bring together minimal design and rich texture.

Matthew Williams via Remodelista

Floor-to-Ceiling Built-Ins

Perfectionist confession time: Kitchen cabinets that are just short of extending all the way to the ceiling have been driving me nuts for years. I’m so very relieved to be witnessing the rise of floor-to-ceiling kitchen storage. As dwellings are getting smaller, it’s only logical that we use all the vertical storage we can get!

Matthew Williams

Tone on Tone

Along with moody colors, the tone-on-tone look is huge this year. The restful effect of laying eyes on a room that’s enveloped in a range of almost identical tones is a respite for the eyes, something we could all use a little more of in 2016.

Matthew Williams

Subway Tile to the Ceiling

Whether we like it or not, subway tile is here to stay. The new subway tile, however, is less polished and closer to what you would find in an actual subway: It’s imperfect, it’s raw with dark grout, and it covers the whole wall, up to the ceiling. No more stopping at the upper cabinets.

Courtesy of Scott & Scott Architects

Matte Finishes

Gloss is out; matte, sanded, or honed (in the case of marble) is in. When picking cabinet or countertop finishes this year, step away from the glossy varnishes and opt for a finish as close to the material’s natural state as possible.

Peter Murdoch

Professional-Grade Gas Ranges

Until recently, my parents still held the belief that gas ranges were dangerous, but we’ve come a long way from the ones that were potential death traps. With the proliferation of online cooking tutorials, there’s no doubt that a gas range is a chef’s preference, so it might be time to toss out that ceramic plate.

Gisbert Pöppler

Colored Cabinets

All-white kitchens, begone. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. Light and bright kitchens will always be part of our lives (and for good reason), but we’re enjoying the colorful kitchens we’ve been seeing lately, especially in shades of green and blue.

Simon Watson via T Magazine , design by Joseph Dirant

Deeply Veined Marble

Have we grown tired of pure white Carrara marble? While there’s no denying that we love a good white marble kitchen, the proliferation of Carrara has been overblown, to say the least, so much so that we’re witnessing a shortage of the white stuff. It might be time to turn to darker and more interesting-looking marble—to be frank, we’re really loving the look of more colorful and deeply veined marble slabs.

Courtesy of MayBeMay

Leather Pulls

Hardware is the jewellery of a room—we’ve heard that many times—but what if that jewelry is made of leather? Consider it the punk phase of kitchen trends: Leather is trending. We’re loving the look of raw-edged tan leather pulls against soft blue cabinets. Think of all the color combination possibilities!

Sharyn Cairns via Est Magazine

Labyrinth Layout

I’m particularly fond of this trend, because while we all enjoy an open-plan kitchen, we also want to be able to hide a little bit of mess once in a while. Enter kitchens with a floor-to-ceiling island layout, creating a butler’s pantry behind the main kitchen, and extra hidden counter space.

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