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20 Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas You'll Love Way More Than Tile

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of Yellow Coffee Pot

There are no rules when it comes to designing your dream interior—after all, you're the one paying the bills. However, when certain things have been done for decades, it can feel wrong to stray away from the norm. Case in point: kitchen tile.

In most cooking spaces, you can find tile on the counter, installed as a backsplash, and often times, creeping all the way up to the ceiling. While all three are viable options—both for practical and decorative purposes—it's important to consider alternatives. While wallpaper is usually reserved for other spaces around your home, like the living room, bedrooms, and dining room, the right print can look stunning in your kitchen, and it's renter-friendly to boot.

No matter what your style, here are 20 homes that make a case for wallpaper in the kitchen. Go ahead, feast your eyes and screenshot your favorites.

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Line Your Cabinets With a Monochromatic Print

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of Chango & Co.

If you're bold enough to select a kitchen cabinet with glass panels, you'd be remiss not to dress up the interior. This green kitchen paired with a plant-print wallpaper is the ultimate *chef's kiss.* We can't think of a better way to put your crystal and gorgeous drinking glasses on display.

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Try the Terrazzo Trend Without the Commitment

kitchen wallpaper


Taking on a look as striking as the terrazzo trend is quite the commitment. Since installing a permanent terrazzo backsplash can be expensive and time-consuming, we recommend taking the trend for a spin via a gorgeous wallpaper print.

If you still love it a few years down the line, upgrade to the real thing. In the meantime, you can transform the entire look of your kitchen in a day's work. 

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Dress Up Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen wallpaper

Design: Blue Copper Design, Photography: Movement Photo Project

The island is the centerpiece of your kitchen. It's where your family cooks meals together, where guests gather, and where you enjoy casual dishes. Give it the attention it deserves and cover the backside with a gorgeous wallpaper print. You'll see how much quicker you and your guests flock to this fan-favorite area. 

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Give a Tiny Kitchenette Big Personality

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

You don't need endless square footage to make a kitchen the envy of all your guests. A small and simple kitchenette area can make a huge impact with the help of an eye-catching wallpaper print. We love how this warm-colored irregular polka dot looks against the wood countertop, brass fixtures, and green velvet chairs.

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Give Your Kitchen a Colorful Look

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of Michelle Gage

While we love the look of an all-white kitchen, we can't help but see it as a blank canvas. You wouldn't believe what a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and a printed wallpaper can do to liven up the space. This retro-inspired kitchen can help spark your imagination.

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Replace the Backsplash With a Mural

kitchen wallpaper

Lime Lace

If you're taking the traditional route, the space directly above the kitchen counter is commonly reserved for a tile backsplash. But, for a look that is sure to be a conversation starter, ditch the tile backsplash altogether and replace it with a peel-and-stick mural, like this one by Lime Lace, instead. 

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Fake the Tile Look

kitchen wallpaper

Michelle Berwick Design

If you like the look of a traditional tile but refuse to invest in a rental, a stick-on wallpaper is just what you need. One that mimics the look of real tile will instantly upgrade your kitchen at a fraction of the price. 

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Warm Things Up With Faux Wood

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of Naked Kitchens

Adding a statement wall covered from top to bottom in a soft woodgrain will instantly up the cool factor in any kitchen. Skip the lumber and get the look of this warm, Scandinavian-inspired kitchen with the help of wallpaper—sans splinters.

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Make It Seasonal

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of Urban Walls

If you're as ambitious as you are indecisive, choose a peel-and-stick wallpaper that can easily be replaced every time you get bored. If a fruity print is what you're feeling in the summer, you can easily replace it for something a bit moodier when fall rolls around.

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Get the Marble Look on a Budget

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of Naked Kitchens

Most stones, including authentic marble, can cost a pretty penny. But a tight budget shouldn't be the reason you can't enjoy the look in your own kitchen. A marble wallpaper will create the illusion of stone, without breaking the bank.

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Go French Countryside With a Muted Floral

kitchen wallpaper

Design: Kelly Hurliman, Photo: Erin Konrath 

This charming kitchen feels like a traditional chateau off the French countryside, courtesy of the paned windows and muted floral wallpaper print. The sage-colored cabinets, marble countertops, and minimal sconces add a modern twist that helps this kitchen strike and Pinterest-worthy kitchen. 

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Go for Modern Design

Kitchen Wallpaper

Courtesy of Reagen Taylor Photography

This might be the coolest kitchen we've ever come across. From the minimal grey cabinets and the agate-print wallpaper, to the pops of color sprinkled throughout, this one is about to live rent-free on our dream home moodboard.

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Make Your Cabinets Pop

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of Author Interiors

What's the point of experimenting with colorful cabinets if you're going to stop there? Rather than pair them with plain white walls, dress them up with an equally exciting backdrop. We love how this Cole & Son Sweet Pea Wallpaper makes the sage-color cabinets pop.

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Give Your Kitchen a Sunny Upgrade

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of Yellow Coffee Pot

This adorable kitchen feels like the perfect place to bake pies and enjoy your morning coffee. The cabinet doors, subway tile, and wooden accents are charming as can be, but it's the lemon-print wallpaper that makes this kitchen the cozy cooking corner of our dreams.

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Go for a Printed Border

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of I Spy DIY

If your tile backsplash is currently the star of your kitchen, we say, keep it. It doesn't have to be an either-or situation. Rather than replace your tile, work your wallpaper around it.

We love how this taller backsplash paired with printed wallpaper creates the illusion of a border. It also makes the room look taller—a win-win.

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Try a Solid-Colored Wallpaper

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of Alison Wu

If you're not a print person, you can still get in on the wallpaper fun without stepping out of your comfort zone. We love how this kitchen uses a faux clay paint print in a soft pink to fake texture on the walls. The slight variation of tones in the wallpaper creates tons of dimension and gives this space a bit more oomph.

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Skip the Overhead Cabinets

kitchen wallpaper

Designer: Farzaneh K. for Decorilla

We love the look of open shelving in lieu of the standard overhead cabinetry. It feels modern and opens up so much space to experiment with wallpaper. Choose a print that ties your whole space together and you won't even miss those cabinets.

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Tie in Statement Colors

kitchen wallpaper

Design: Taron H. for Decorilla

We love spaces that incorporate pops of color via statement walls and, in this case, a statement kitchen island. But you always need something to tie it all together. The blue and white wallpaper print makes the teal shiplap and marble countertops look like a match made in home décor heaven.

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Bring the Texture

kitchen wallpaper

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Any amazing interior designer will tell you texture is an important addition to any room, including the kitchen. The right wallpaper not only adds visual interest to your walls, it can also bring an element of texture to your space. We love how this kitchen uses woven chairs and a faux tile print on the back wall to warm up this entertaining area.

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Give the Illusion of More Space

kitchen wallpaper

Courtesy of Naked Kitchens

We love the look of these warm wood cabinets. Installing a wallpaper in the same shade and woodgrain of the cabinets gives the illusion of a larger space.