18 Creative Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas to Spice Up the Space

Dining nook with neutral artwork.

House of Chais

Decorating your kitchen can be somewhat of a challenge. You have to balance functionality, organization, and decoration, all in one space. Plus, kitchen decorating can become pricey—we don't all have budgets for new tile, open shelving, counters, or hidden appliances.

Don't worry though, we've got you covered with 18 kitchen wall décor ideas that make your kitchen look just as good as the food you'll be cooking up in it.

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Forget the Tile Backsplash

kitchen wall

Laquita Tate

Who says your backsplash has to be tile? So many of us are tired of the classic white subway tile (although, they are timeless), so why not switch it up? Using heavy-duty wallpaper or contact paper can replace tile for a fraction of the price and in just about any pattern you can imagine.

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Opt for Bold Florals

kitchen wall

LA Designer Affair

Some people reserve bold wallpaper for small powder rooms or accent walls, but we say go all out in the kitchen. This graphic floral pattern is bright and cheery, and the black shelf next to it is the perfect place to display cookbooks, cookware, and plants (of course). Bonus points if you coordinate your pots and pans with some of the colors in the wallpaper.

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Go for Wood Grain

Kitchen with wooden wall.

Naked Kitchens

Though it can be difficult to get creative with kitchen walls—after all, they're often largely upstaged by cabinetry—give them some visual interest with some texture. This wood grain detail wall in this kitchen brings a warm and inviting feeling to the space. Plus, the wood wall is a great base for design and décor, as the wooden accents in the space now feel right at home.

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Rely on Artwork

Dining nook with neutral artwork.

House of Chais

Let your inner artist shine with this wall decorating idea. Rely on some gorgeous artwork to spice up a kitchen or dining nook. The geometric patterns here are a nice organic-looking option, but you could also go for some groovy swirls or brush-stroke polka dots, too.

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Combine Textures

Neutral kitchen wall with baskets.

Chelius House of Design

Spruce up a blank wall by adding some thrifted baskets in varying sizes. This is a great way to fill up a narrow space, and when it is right next to a graphic accent wall, it's *chef's kiss.* Don't be intimidated by pairing two bold elements together, often it pays off if you can balance color and size.

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Put it On Display

kitchen wall

Breathing Room Organization + Styling

If you're short on storage, there's nothing wrong with putting it all out there. Decanting ingredients into matching containers is all the rage right now, and we love the handwritten labels on these jars. Don't fret if your jars don't match though—it's more about creating a clean look on the wall rather than having everything match perfectly. Your spices and pasta can do the heavy décor lifting for you.

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Bring Out the Dinnerware

kitchen walls

Domm Dot Com

Don't hide your favorite ceramic dinnerware. If you were attracted to a set of plates or mugs because of their beauty, let them shine on your wall. These mugs stand out against a rather neutral color palette, but they also look perfectly in place.

Swap out dingy white outlet covers for something more luxe, like gold or silver, to instantly give it a facelift.

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Bring in Wood Tones

kitchen wall

LA Designer Affair

Wood is basically neutral, depending on how it's stained. This tambour-inspired wall packs a major punch in this space, but it also divides the dining and kitchen areas visually. You don't need a wall to separate spaces—sometimes creating zones with different colors is enough.

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Create a Gallery Wall

kitchen wall

Dwell Aware

Gallery walls are tried and true ways to spruce up just about any blank wall. For your kitchen, embrace the room's purpose and play with things like old restaurant ads, postcards from your favorite places, abstract art, or even fun cooking phrases.

For a vintage touch, frame a family recipe. Not only will it look nice, but it's also there for easy access when you need it.

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Embrace Utensil Bars

kitchen wall

Milk and Honey Life

Vertical wall space in a kitchen is a blessing and a curse. It's hard to fill, but it can also be used as extra storage space. Hanging a rod above your stove or sink is perfect for keeping often-used utensils at hand, and it also can hold pots and pans you don't have drawer space for.

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Add Height to Bare Walls

kitchen wall

Bespoke Only

If you have the gift of high ceilings in your space, embrace it. Draw people's eyes up by placing vertical items on the counter, continuing the theme on any open shelving. Vary height and width of items on each shelf to keep it interesting, and use the highest shelf for less-commonly used items like cake stands or tall vases.

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Use Your Cookbooks

kitchen wall

Black and Blooms

Your beloved cookbooks may hold some of your favorite comfort meals and healthy recipes, but they're also a great décor piece for the walls. Stack some up on an open shelf or book ledge to let them speak for themselves. Plus, you're more likely to reach for them when you can see them.

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Mix Color Tones

kitchen walls

House of Harvee

A simple backdrop in this kitchen accents a bright, coral island. By using cooler tones by the counter and warm, bright hues on the opposite side, it keeps your cooking surfaces clean and clear of clutter (literally and visually), without sacrificing style.

We also love how the tile is under the island here and not on the backsplash—visually swapping the two gives people pause and allows them to really appreciate the styling you've done.

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Pick Bold Tile

kitchen wall

Reena Sotropa

Retiling your entire kitchen may not be in the cards, but peel-and-stick tile can totally transform a space—and you can take it down when you're tired of it. This repeating pattern is bold, but the smaller size keeps it from feeling overwhelming.

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Play with Shapes

kitchen wall

Reena Sotropa

This tiling job is most likely custom, but you can create a similar effect with paint. Map out a shape you'd like to put on the backsplash, with something as a centerpiece like an oven hood or light, and go for it.

You could even paint the wall one third of the way up for a clean, simple look.

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Saturate the Space

kitchen wall

Reena Sotropa

Kitchens are often bright and airy, but why not go dark and moody? A deep teal hue makes the space feel warm and sophisticated, especially if you bring the color onto the ceiling as well.

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Go Full Monochrome

kitchen wall

Dazey Den

Decorating your walls doesn't have to mean hanging up photos—a cheery paint job can go a long way. The pink walls in this kitchen pop behind white cabinets, and we love how the chairs, dishes, planters, and towels all match. It's a modern update around a more dated kitchen.

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Paint Your Cabinets

kitchen wall

Dazey Den

It can be a pain, but painting cabinets will give your kitchen an instant upgrade. If you want to go bright, try painting the upper cabinets an eye-popping shade while keeping the bottom cabinets more neutral. To bring it together, match some of the fixtures to tones you used in the paint, like how these orange knobs pull from the upper cabinets. Plus, swapping kitchen hardware is a super easy, inexpensive renter-friendly upgrade.