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26 Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Kitchen Window

A kitchen window decorated with a black vase filled with green branches and a white vase filled with maroon branches

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

The kitchen may be the heart of any home, but many of us don't give it the decorative attention it deserves. Sure, we choose our cabinets, backsplashes, and finishes with care. But when it comes to decorative accents and finishing touches, we get a little negligent. We’d never leave our living room windows unadorned or our bedroom windows undecorated. But our kitchen windows? Well, they’re often left totally bare.

Thankfully, this all-too-understandable blunder boasts an easy fix, because kitchen windows are incredibly easy to decorate. With a little imagination, you can turn your kitchen window into a cookbook nook, a mini-bar, or an oasis for your favorite plants.

Once you start looking for them, you’ll realize kitchen window decor ideas abound, and many of them are incredibly easy to pull off. To show you just how easy it is to dress up your kitchen window, we’ve rounded up 26 kitchen window décor ideas worth adding to your mood board.

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Propagate Plants in Your Window Sill

A sleek kitchen with a window adorned with a small succulent and a small vase containing a propagating plant cutting

Devon Grace Interiors

If you’re always looking for ways to expand your plant collection, consider propagating some plants in your kitchen window. A standard sill should be the perfect size for a series of small vases, and your kitchen window should get all the sunlight your cuttings need to thrive.

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Put Your Prettiest Cutting Boards on Display

A peachy kitchen with a window decorated with beige woven blinds, a beige pot, and two light wooden cutting boards

Calimia Home

Instead of adding décor to your kitchen, look for ways to repurpose what you already have. If you’ve stocked up on pretty cutting boards, prop them up in your kitchen window. This approach will keep your cutting boards on hand any time you need them—and it’ll add a dose of texture to your kitchen’s décor scheme.

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Line Your Window With Crisp White Curtains

A kitchen decorated with navy cabinets, orange leather chairs, and sleek white drapes

LeClair Decor

Curtains offer a classic way to dress up any window, and if you want to keep your kitchen looking sleek, you can stick with a set of crisp white curtains that don’t demand too much attention.

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Add Storage Space With Hanging Shelves

A kitchen bar with a wooden window layered behind a series of hanging glass shelves

Jessica Nelson Design

If your kitchen’s storage set-up leaves something to be desired, layer a few hanging shelves over your kitchen window. This approach may seem unusual, but when you’re low on space, it pays to get creative. And if you opt for glass shelves that aren’t densely packed with stuff, you can still capture plenty of the sunlight streaming through your window.

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Trade Traditional Panes for Stained Glass

A kitchen with forest green cabinets and a stained glass window

Ashley Montgomery Design

Décor isn’t the only way to dress up your kitchen window. By swapping traditional window panes for a stained glass panel, you can add an eye-catching accent to your kitchen without cluttering up your space.

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Color-Coordinate Your Kitchen Essentials

A kitchen with white cabinets, white countertops, and a collection of white kitchen essentials adorning the kitchen window

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Lining your kitchen window with your go-to essentials is a practical option. But if you want to keep your countertops neat and tidy, color-coordinate the pieces you decide to display. Make sure your jars, cutting boards, and cookbooks all match each other.

And for an ultra-sleek look, make sure they match your countertops, too.

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Keep Fresh Herbs at the Ready

A kitchen window sill topped with a small vase containing fresh herb sprigs

Erin Williamson Design

Just about every meal is made better by fresh herbs. Make your kitchen both prettier and more practical by storing some herbs in a water-filled vase—and tucking that vase inside your window sill.

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Turn Your Window Into a Cookbook Nook

A kitchen featuring wooden cabinets and a small collection of cookbooks tucked in front of a large kitchen window

Jessica Nelson Design

When decorating your kitchen, books may not be the first thing you reach for. But if your cookbook collection is thoroughly stocked, line your kitchen window with your absolute favorites, and use cute bookends to keep them organized.

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Invest in a Striking Roman Shade

A small kitchen with a large window topped by a gray and white Roman shade

Katie Leclercq

Curtains may be the most classic window treatments around, but they’re not always the best pick for your space. If your kitchen window is mounted right above your sink, trade the drapey curtains for a striking Roman shade that you can roll up while you’re cooking and cleaning.

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Keep It Simple With Dried Flowers

A vase full of dried flowers tucked in front of a large kitchen window

Jessica Nelson Design

Fresh flowers put the finishing touches on any space, but replacing them every few weeks can get tedious. So bid adieu to your go-to bouquets, and snag a set of dried flowers that’ll last for years and years.

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Tuck a Shelf Underneath Your Window

A small kitchen window with a ceramic-lined wooden shelf tucked just below it

Tyler Karu

If your kitchen window is mounted high up on your wall, build a shelf just underneath it. This will give you the space for décor, kitchen essentials, and anything else you feel like displaying. And since those items will likely overlap with your window, they’ll dress it up without blocking out too much light.

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Forage for Branches in Your Own Backyard

A large kitchen window decorated with a glass vase full of sprawling branches

Katie Leclercq

Make your kitchen feel even homier by foraging for décor in your own backyard. Snag some evergreen garlands or some flower-lined branches, and tuck them inside your favorite vase. Slide this vase in front of your window for all to see, or set it on your window sill to free up some much-needed counter space.

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Paint Your Window to Match Your Cabinets

A kitchen with light green cabinets, a matching light green window, and a forest green tile-lined backsplash

Amy Bartlam

Don’t feel like stocking up on new décor? Dress up your window simply by painting it. Match your window to your cabinets, or take cues from your backsplash. And use the pop of color to add the cohesion—or the contrast—your kitchen really needs.

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Turn Your Bar Tray Into Décor

A large kitchen window decorated with a small serving tray topped with bar supplies

Jessica Nelson Design

Cooking essentials aren’t the only thing you can display in your kitchen window. If cocktail-making plays a big role in your household, keep some bartending must-haves on a pretty serving tray, and turn your window into a mini-bar.

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Line Your Window Sill With Plants

A white-filled kitchen with a large window decorated with a series of potted plants


One easy way to brighten up your kitchen? Line your window sill with plants. Plants need all the light they can get, so windows make obvious homes for them. And while your plants could live in many other rooms, your otherwise-sleek kitchen could probably benefit from a touch of lush greenery.

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Mix and Match Your Ceramics

A kitchen window decorated with a black vase filled with green branches and a white vase filled with maroon branches

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Decorating your kitchen window can be as simple as tucking some flowers inside a vase and sliding it next to your sill. But if you’re craving something more dynamic, mix and match two different vases and stick different plants inside them.

Keep your set-up clean by pairing a shorter vase with a taller one and cluster the pieces closely together, so it’s obvious they’re a pair.

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Add Texture With Woven Blinds

A kitchen dining nook surrounded by windows lined with matching woven blinds

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

When it comes to window treatments, color and print aren’t the only things you can play with. Texture can vary a lot, too. So if your kitchen is full of sleek fixtures and furniture, soften it with a set of woven blinds. And don’t be afraid to hang blinds on every window—if a handful of windows are clustered together, it makes sense for them to match.

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Frame Your Window With Well-Stocked Shelves

A small kitchen window framed by four wooden shelves topped with ceramics, plants, and kitchen essentials

Pure Salt Interiors

Sometimes dressing up your window isn’t just about decorating your window—it’s about decorating the space around your window. So frame your kitchen window with a collection of thoughtfully placed shelves, and line those shelves with the prettiest kitchen essentials you can find.

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Invest in a Kitchen Cactus

A kitchen window decorated with a small potted cactus

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Lane Dittoe

If you haven’t yet cultivated the green thumb you’ve always dreamt of, consider committing to a single statement plant. Snag something easy to take care of—like a cactus—and tuck it in between your kitchen sink and window. That way, it’ll get all the light it so desperately needs, and you’ll probably remember to water it whenever you need to.

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Snag a Vase That Matches Your Window

A kitchen with a white kitchen window, a white decorative vase, and an off-white backsplash

Devon Grace Interiors

Color-coordinating accents are a surefire way to make a statement, so decorate your kitchen window with a vase that perfectly matches it. This approach works best if the rest of your kitchen—like your walls or your backsplash—is another color. But it’s possible to pull off, even if everything matches.

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Save Counter Space With a Hanging Plant

A kitchen window with a potted hanging plant displayed next to it

Erin Williamson Design

Instead of placing a plant below your kitchen window, hang one right next to it. By suspending the plant in midair, you can save your counter space for cooking essentials. And you can give your kitchen window the decorative attention it deserves.

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Segment Your Window With a Shelf

A kitchen window segmented by a glass shelf topped with two small cacti

Julian Porcino

Add function and form to your kitchen by segmenting your window with a built-in shelf. This shelf can go wherever you want it to, though placing it at the center of your window is an obvious option. And if you choose a shelf made from glass, you can keep your window feeling as sleek and sunny as ever.

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Store Your Must-Haves in Glass Cloches

A narrow kitchen window decorated with two glass cloches storing several small onions

Rikki Snyder

Make the décor in front of your window feel particularly special by storing it inside glass cloches. These bell-shaped jars are perfect for housing plants, produce, and more. And they’ll make anything inside of them—even a few errant onions—look surprisingly elegant.

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Prop a Painting Against Your Window

A kitchen window decorated with a small framed painting, two small pots, and a large glass vase full of branches

Ashley Montgomery Design

Art doesn’t often make it into the kitchen, but it looks absolutely striking when it does. So dress up your kitchen window with a propped-up painting, or layer a couple small prints in the corner of your window sill.

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Cluster Some Jars and Vases

A kitchen window decorated with a cluster of glass vases and jars

Ashley Montgomery Design

Your kitchen window décor doesn’t have to be formal. So snag a few decorative pieces that you love looking at, and cluster them together to form a statement-making display. And if this approach sounds so laidback that it’s almost overwhelming, simplify things by committing to a clearly defined palette—or sticking to a single color.

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Adorn Your Window With One Tiny Plant

A large kitchen window decorated with a single tiny potted plant

Julian Porcino

Big accents may be the most eye-catching. But sometimes, it’s the smallest pieces that make the biggest statements. So, pair your massive kitchen window with an almost comically small plant—the playful choice is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who sees it. And really, why not have a little fun?